A Mess Of Teams I Hope Lose

That Was The Week That Was

Last week was a tough week to call upsets.

In my mind, the Georgia/Auburn game was an easy upset to call. However, the Bulldogs surprised me and beat Auburn.

Also, for the life of me, I could not see Utah besting Oregon. I’m happy any time the Ducks lose but I thought they would upset Utah.

And I almost got the big one—Oklahoma State to knock off Oklahoma. All Corndog (Quarterback Taylor Cornelius) had to do was hit the open man on the two-point conversion try with a little more than 60 ticks remaining on the clock. Dang it!

However, the boys from Tucky once again choked; swallerin’ some chewin’ tobaccy. Tennessee upset ‘em.

That’s the best I could do last.

Oh wait, there’s one more!!! The Broncos now have a milk can; upsetting 23rd Fres-no-way.

This Week’s Upsets

This week I’m going with Oklahoma State again. West (by god) Virginee plays ‘em at Stillwater. The Cowboys take out last week’s frustratingly close loss to Sooners on the Mountaineers.

Luke Fickle is destined to be an elite coach. This is the game he proves how good he is. Cincinnati will upset Nick Patti’s alma mater. However, if UCF beats Cincinnati and Boise wins, the Broncos move up.

It looks to me as if unranked Minnesota will upset 22nd Northwestern. That will move the Broncos up in the polls.

Number 16 Iowa State has been impressive all season. They show up big for the big games. Number 15 Texas is a big game. They will upset the Longhorns. When they’re that close in the polls, it’s not really an upset.

Other Possibilities

What about the teams I hope will lose?

Well, right off, there is Utah State losing to Colorado State. That might well move the Broncos around the Aggies going into next weeks showdown, Boise vs Utah State.

Fresno State and San Diego State face each other. The Tecs win on Fresno’s turf. Their second away upset this season. They have a lot to prove after being dissed by UNLV.

Florida State plays 7 and 3 and number 20 Boston College. If Florida State wins, BC leaves the top 25 and Boise moves up.

A Colorado win over number 19 and currently 7 and 3 Utah leaves them out of the top 25.

Arkansas has proven they can hang tough with some stiff competition. This week they play 21st Ole Miss. An upset moves the Rebs out of the top 25.

It would be great to see a Middle Tennessee upset of 17th Tuckey but it ain’ta gonna happen. But we can hope.

Those are the games that will help the Broncos forward. Altogether, it looks like it may stack up to be an interesting weekend, Bronco-wise.


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Kenton lives in Boise. He is the former publisher of the Boise State sports site, Smurf Turf; writing exclusively about Broncos football and basketball. He is also a novelist and short story writer.

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