A new legacy in a new chapter | De’Andre Pierce is a Bronco

My name is De’Andre Pierce. Growing up my parents were split, so I lived with my mom in Mission Viejo, CA from around 5-13 while my dad was pursuing his Dream in the NFL for the Washington Redskins and NY Giants.

I’ve been playing Pop Warner since I was 6, and have always been in love with the game. I mainly starred at running back and linebacker, and everybody thought that I was also going to be a LB in high school as well, but my body is as built as my dad is.

To make it to college, I knew Long Beach Poly was the ultimate way there. Coming in as a freshman from Orange County, the talent and skill level were a huge shock to me. I didn’t believe my self I was able to compete at this level of competition, but it ultimately brought out the greatness in me.

When my father got the head coaching job, I honestly was not liking that at all. But it turned out to be the best. Seeing Coach Lara, a Poly legend, coach for my first 2 years, then seeing how the program is since my dad came in, it has been a MAJOR turn around.

Last year we had 12 seniors get Division 1 and Division 1-AA offers from my team, which is the most in program history I believe. I’ve played with the best. Through my 4 years, I’ve played with four 5 stars, three 4 stars, and ten 3 stars recruits, so there really is nothing that I’m going to see in College that I haven’t already seen in HS.

On the football field, I try to model my game after Karl Joseph of WVU and Jalen Ramsey of FSU. They’re swag and dirtiness on the field is what I love. They control the middle of the field which what I had to do for my team my last 2 years at safety. I believe what also helps me most on the field is just purely my football IQ.

As much DB highlights as I watch, I also watch the WR they’re going up against and I started noticing tendencies, i.e. when a receiver stems inside, 9 out of 10 times it’s an inside route.

Or when a receiver goes from full speed to slowing down and rising up to break down for a cut usually back to the ball. So along with all the tendencies and my ability to break on the ball, that helps me a ton going up against Receivers alot faster or bigger than me.

But I know that this chapter had come to an end and a new one will ensue me at Boise State.

Instantly as soon as I got Boise State offer after the camp I immediately wanted to commit. They just won the Fiesta Bowl and it felt as if everything was going their way. But aside from the football team I didn’t know much about the school itself. After the first visit in July I was 90% sure I wanted to go there, but I just wanted to make sure.

So when I went on my official against UW, I saw how great the school was. And at the end of my trip I told Coach Harsin I was coming to Boise State and no doubt about it. I’ve been committed since September 7th, but just because I didn’t let the media know everybody thought it was “silent”.  

I’m looking forward to these next couple of years to live my dream of playing college football while getting a free education. I also have 6 siblings. My older brother Anthony who is currently enrolled at University of Hawaii, my little sisters Jay’la & Destiny, and my little brothers Carmelo, Preston, and Santana.

Can’t wait to kill it on The Blue, and to make my family proud.

CB-De’Andre Pierce by Robert Pfeifer

Pierce is a ball-hawking defensive back with great closing speed on ball carriers. He is listed at the exact same size as Harrison-Ducros (5’11”, 175lbs).

The DB is great at keeping his receiver in front of him and is a big time play-maker. He is a very hard-hitter but still wraps up ball-carriers well when he should.

Pierce finished his senior year with 54 total tackles (37 solo), two interceptions, two sacks and one forced fumble.

Winning is very important to De’Andre: “It’s everything, looking at that team in the last decade they’re the highest winning team since 2000, my high school, Long Beach Poly, all we do is win, to be able to do it at the next level is even better for me.”

The California product said his team goal is “without a doubt to go undefeated and win the MWC, I just want to play in a New Years Six bowl all four years.”


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