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Alexander Mattison Featured By CBS Sports

Alexander Mattison is the feature in an inspiring story recently produced by CBS Sports. It is narrated by former Boise State running back great, Ian Johnson.

The story inspires; leaving you with a sense of admiration and appreciation for Alexander, his family, his teachers, and coaches.

Bronco fans are assured BSU looks beyond what a player does on the field. Thus, he must give evidence of being a serious student and a good citizen of his school.

Boise recruits are more than football players. They are individuals possessing substance, character, and heart.


Alexander Mattison recently tweeted the following:

“I’m honored 🙏🏾 It is a true blessing! Not a lot of people make it from where I am from and I am grateful to every single person that has helped me along the way! & I am beyond thankful to Boise State for making a kid’s dreams come true🙏🏾 Thank you @CBSSportsNet!”


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