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Another Former Boise State Quarterback Sighting

A few weeks ago BNN posted an article about how Boise State has spawned a number of quarterbacks to other college programs.

Prominent on that list, of course, Ryan Finley who ended up at NC State. Next, Tommy Stuart who finished his career at Duquesne.

Jake Constantine played a year of JUCO and is currently starting at Weber State.

Alex Ogle tried JUCO for a year and finally settled at Tusculum College.

Remember Rathen Ricedorff? He enrolled at Boise and played in the 2017 spring game.

Some Background

Before Ricedorf enrolled at Boise it looked as if Constantine might be Brett Rypien’s second in command. However, Ricedorf came with quite a pedigree from his JUCO days. It certainly looked as if he might replace Constantine on the depth chart.

Ricedorf tested positive for PEDs and removed from the Bronco squad.

Next, the Broncos persuaded Kansas Jay Hawk graduate Montell Cozart to finish his career at Boise. Constantine likely felt the Broncos didn’t see him as the guy to run their offense anytime ever.


Constantine has settled into the starting role at Weber State and doing well, but guess who his backup is? Rathan Ricedorf! He has appeared in two games for the Wildcats.

Ricedorf is now closer to 30 than he is 20.


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