Are The Broncos Destined For Power 5 Conference?

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No Matter What The Broncos’ Record Is, They Are 106th

Not so long ago there were so many conference realignments it was like trying to grab a twenty dollar bill in the middle of a tornado.

Now the wind has settled but a storm brews. Many predict conference realignments in the next five years or so. Also, network television contracts expire then.

How does Boise State fit into all this? Not good.

Forget the success the last two decades. That means nothing. Honestly, it’s all about the TV market.

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Rumor has it UConn will be invited to the ACC. After all, they are on the Atlantic coast. They hardly are expected to seriously compete. The Hartford/New Haven area is ranked the 30th TV market.

San Diego comes in at 28th in the TV viewing market. Thus, an attractive addition to the PAC. The Fresno area is 54th. My money is on both those schools joining the PAC.

No matter what, Boise comes in at 106th. However, you have to drive a day to find another decent size TV market.

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National Appeal

Overcoming those overwhelming odds is possible only with a broad national appeal. Is there somebody in Stonington, Maine while at the same time somebody in Ocean Cove, California with a whole lot of people in between willing to watch Bronco football?

I don’t have the answer.

The Broncos must capture the hearts and souls of football fandom beyond its own TV market (the Treasure Valley, Idaho). It’s not easy.


To shorten this entire exercise, identify the goals.

Two goals come to mind. The university and its program’s goal is revenue. The goal has been and always will be revenue. The fans’ goal is more emotional, it is to play in a National Championship game and win the title.

A fan brags a lifetime on that. However, for the school itself, it erodes over time.

Only elites have a chance; year in and year out. Pitt and BYU are the only teams in the past 50 years who have crossed the threshold and claimed a piece of a National Title without being a part of the elites.

Just Win Games

Is Boise State’s only chance to play in a National Championship game rest solely on becoming a part of a Power 5 conference? Conventional wisdom suggests that.

However, if not for a missed field goal and a few other mistakes in a crucial game the Broncos would have played in a National Championship game while competing in the WAC.

The point is, no matter what conference they participate in, they must win them all. Therefore if the Broncos play like champions, they’ll be rewarded. The conference has little to do with it.

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When the Broncos were a part of the national conversation did they recruit with that in mind? Likely not. Those teams were not loaded with three or four-star recruits. They were loaded with grit and heart.

Boise State must be satisfied with where they are now.

Convincingly win the Mountain West Conference and the non-conference games and good things will come their way.


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