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Bad Loss? It’ll Be Okay Bronco Nation

Check your pulse. Heart beating? You’re breathing? Can you read this? Good! Then that means that it’s proven that life does go on. You have indeed survived yet another gut wrenching loss.

But this is perhaps a different kind of way to take a loss. Nevada probably is still number one on the list to never experience again, hopefully to most if not all fans of Boise State.

But the loss that Boise State suffered at Utah State was beyond what anyone could’ve ever imagined. Almost comical some might suggest. Seven turnovers in the first half. 35 points scored off of those turnovers. Passes dropped, block assignments missed.

The recipe for a disastrous game unfolded for the Broncos Friday night in Logan.

You have to go back to 2005 against Georgia to see this type of a defeat. The loss to BYU seems minimal now compared to what happened to the Broncos against Utah State. Credit where it’s due. Utah State came out wanting this game more. And it should be more than just humble apple pie for fans and players to digest.

Yes a loss like this does hurt, but seriously? A chance to still win 10 games and folks are already calling this a failure of a season. To some of the fans, it’s about making the NY6 bowl.

That’s never the mindset of the team however. The theme is always win the conference and get to a bowl game. Boise State will still be able to get to a bowl game, but chances are now very slim that they win the conference.

But as mentioned earlier, life does go on.

The team will move on after looking at their mistakes in this game and prepare for a home match up with Wyoming. Sadly coming off a loss, a mediocre team coming to town, and another late start may keep the fair weather observers home for this one.

Not really impressive if we’re trying to woo Power Five conferences and can’t even sell out home games on a consistent basis.

There are some quick thoughts that come to mind with this loss and it’s only fitting that they are listed:

Brett Rypien Is Indeed Human

Funny how so much hype was placed on this guy up till now. Yet he had not seen a decent defense prior to Utah State. Idaho State didn’t have it. Virginia didn’t. Hawaii certainly didn’t. And Colorado State didn’t.

This game will be something he will grow on, no question. He’s a talented young man and needed a game like this to really get the transition from high school to college football. Please however, keep the comparison talk of a certain player to a minimal or none.

Don’t Expect Last Year’s Magic

Anyone thinking NY6 bowl still can put that dream to bed. Boise now trails Utah State, and unless they lose two conference games and Boise can win out, the Broncos won’t be repeating as MW champs this year. People will be quick to say that this happened last year and they made it.  Last year there wasn’t four teams from the AAC and one from the MAC to challenge them.

Rest Is Vital

Realize that the Broncos have not had a bye week yet all year and they won’t until after UNLV on Halloween night. Perhaps that also played into the fatigue factor as if a short prep week wasn’t enough going into this game.

McNichols Missed

Not having Jeremy McNichols out there tonight showed that he is key to being successful with Rypien. These two could really be a combo punch for years to come for the offense.

Boise State will be able to bounce back from this loss. Distractions shouldn’t be an issue anymore with this team. No rankings, no NY6 bowl talk, and probably for now not even MW championship talk.

The focus can now be to win your game each week. Nothing more, nothing less. With five games and critical MW games still ahead for the Broncos, it’s time to move on and stick to the motto for each game, Be The Best.


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