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Boise Standing Firm In CFP Rankings and The Picks For Week 14

Boise State remained at number 20 in CFP rankings. In fact, all the teams immediately in front of them also remained in the same position.

The next two weeks are crucial for the Broncos’ chances of advancing up the rankings and possibly selected for an NY6 bowl game.

What happened to last week’s picks? Not one upset I was able to pick last week—not one. 

Looking Ahead

For many schools, this is rivalry week. Many of them involve teams in the top 25; Ohio State/Michigan, Alabama/Auburn, Minnesota/Wisconsin, Georgia/Georgia Tech(NR), Oregon/Oregon State(NR), Florida/Florida State(NR), Oklahoma/Oklahoma State.

Upsets are impossible to pick when both teams are rated and both teams highly charged.

The games of interest to Bronco fans are the ones who stand in the way of Boise State and NY6 selection.

There is a rule written someplace that only one G5 school is eligible for the NY6 bowl games and it must be the highest-ranked G5 team who must win their conference.

So here are the games that count.

Iowa (17)/Nebraska

A Nebraska win will move the Broncos around Iowa. The further up the food chain the Broncos move the better bowl selection they will receive and the better their chances of an NY6 game.

I’ve called for a Nebraska upset win a couple of weeks ago and it didn’t happen. This will be a good week for it.

Nebraska plays at home and they need a win to be bowl eligible. How bad do they want it? I think they do. Cornhuskers over Hawkeyes.

Cincinnati (19)/Memphis (18)

This is complicated.

Here is the best possible scenario; Memphis beats Cincy on Friday. Thus the Broncos move around the Bearcats. A week later the same two teams meet in the conference playoff and Cincinnati wins. Thus the Broncos move around the Tigers.

I don’t know how that sort of reasoning will work with the pollster but it sounds logical to me.

This is a must-win for Memphis and it’s at home. Memphis to win.

Ohio State (1)/Michigan (13)

The Game. The Big House.

In the interest of full disclosure, I’m a certified Buckeye fan. My dream as a kid was to be good enough to be slapped upside the head by Woody Hayes during drills or team meetings.

Frankly, this could be an upset but likely won’t be.

A Buckeye win will not be an upset but will give the Wolverines their third defeat and likely place them behind the Broncos. However, if the game is close the pollster may feel otherwise.

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Alabama (5)/Auburn (15)

It is impossible to reason why the Crimson Tide is not in the top four. I’m not a big Bama fan but really?

Anyway, they are hosted by Auburn. Auburn’s good but nowhere near Bama good.

Thus, a Bama win over its rival hangs the fourth loss on the Tigers and BSU moves around them.

Wisconsin (12)/Minnesota (8)

Another big rivalry. And I look for the Golden Gofers to win.

Whether a Wisconsin loss drops them far enough for the Broncos to move around them remains to be seen. It could happen.

Florida State/Florida (11)

A great interstate rivalry game with all the arrows pointing in the Gators direction.

However, if Florida State should upset Florida the implications loom large on Boise. Recall, Boise defeated the Noles on their turf in the season opener.

I’m rooting for Florida State but there are too many arrows to dodge.

Other Games

A Sanford upset of Notre Dame would be welcomed. Absolutely! However, there is little chance.

What about an Oregon State upset of Oregon? Oh yeah! I know, who would have guessed an Arizona State upset. Oregon being upset two weeks in a row would mean a happy dance but it’s not going to happen.

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Here are the winners who help the Broncos; Alabama, Nebraska, Memphis, Ohio State.

However, all is for naught if the Broncos don’t take care of Colorado State on Friday afternoon.


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