Boise State At Oklahoma State; Will The Broncos Go 3 and 0?

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My Ugly Cousin

Many Bronco fans are perhaps wringing their hands over this one and sticking pins in Mike Gundy dolls. Either the Broncos are good enough or they are not. I’m a believer. If they are as good as many believe, Oklahoma State will be a decent opponent but little else.

All that is known about Oklahoma State is that they started their season with two powder puffs. This week they’ll face a powder keg; Boise State.

The Cowboys looked really good against Missouri State and South Alabama. I have an ugly cousin who looks really good against Sasquatch.

A Quarterback They Call Corndog

Oklahoma State quarterback Taylor Cornelius’s nickname is “Corndog.” I’m just not seeing that as a flattering name. There’s been “Big Dog,” “Junkyard Dog,” “Hound Dog,” and even a guy they just called “Dog.” You stick “corn” in front of “dog” and you got a county fair snack that’s bad for your health.

Cornelius is a 6’6” 232-pound senior. This is his first year as a starter.

In the first two games this season, Cornelius has completed 50 of 75 passes. He’s tossed six TDs and has had three interceptions. Prior to this season, he’s only thrown the ball 25 times.

Cornelius has his problems. Although he has decent numbers, he has missed reads and been confused by coverage. A corndog ain’t nothin’ without mustard.

They Have A Good Running Back Or So

Justice Hill is OSU’s number one running back. He’s good. He’s a junior and as a starter in his last two seasons averaged 5.5 yards per carry. He also likes to come out of the backfield. Last year he had 31 receptions.

Hill is not the only running back. There are a couple others who are impressive also, J D Hill and Chuba Hubbard. They looked really good against Sasquatch.

Experienced D

The Cowboy defense brings back seven starters from last season’s team that finished 79th. Unless they all got religion in the offseason, that moves them up to about average.

They are inexperienced at the corners and safety. That is an area where the Broncos have experience. The guy tossing in their direction is Brett Rypien; he is as experienced as a college quarterback can be.

I Get Gandhi and Gundy Mixed Up

Head coach Mike Gundy is in his 14th season at OSU. He’s a top-notch coach. He’s had only one losing season, finished high as third in the national rankings, and last year finished 14th.

This will be the Broncos smartest coaching staff and toughest opponent this season. That doesn’t mean there will not be tougher games; rival games and conference opponents are tough.

However, Boise now has a coaching staff with coordinators who have settled into their jobs. For at least a couple years now the revolving door of coordinators seems to have slowed. Harsin has his generals in place and his coaching philosophy and methods firmly established.

Gandhi’s coaching philosophy is nonviolent resistance. That never wins football games. Oh, wait; I meant Gundy. Gandhi is the little bald guy and Gundy is the guy with a mullet.

Final Analysis

The more the ball is in the quarterback’s (“Corndog’s”) hands the better it is for Boise. In other words, seal the running game and leave the Cowboys with little else to do but pass.

Cornelius will likely have to resort to dump-offs to the short-men or backs sliding out of the backfield. Boise State has been able to recruit and coach players who close in fast and furious on that type of situation. Cornelius will be forced to throw downfield. The result—several occupants on the Throne of Chaos.

Boise State wins by at least three scores.


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