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Boise State Basketball Tournament Predictions

With the Boise area snow melting and the temperature warming up, it can only mean one thing… March Madness is just around the corner.

Many sports media websites revealed their predictions for March Madness and NIT seeding this week.

Along with that, they also revealed the odds all teams have of winning the national championship. It may be a little too early to talk tournament basketball, but it’s always fun to see where the media has Boise State playing extra hoops.

Odds of Winning the National Championship


Opening Odds: 300/1

Updated Odds: 500/1

Vegas Insider

Odds: 500/1


Odds: 500/1

Where Boise State Could Be Headed


Bracketology– Joe Lunardi: March Madness, 14 seed, vs. Arizona (3 seed), Salt Lake City.

Joe Lunardi’s placement of the Broncos may be the perfect combination of location and opponent. Just 339 miles from Boise, Salt Lake City is one of the closest cities on the March Madness schedule.

Last season the Broncos played the Arizona Wildcats twice. Coming up short each time, the Broncos vs. Wildcats match-up would be more than just a simple basketball game. 

Bracketology– Donchess Inference Index : NIT, 4 Seed

Bracket Predictions– JoeBoozell: March Madness, 13 Seed


NCAA Tournament Bracket–  Jerry Palm: March Madness, 12 seed, vs. Wisconsin (5 seed), Buffalo


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