Boise State/Colorado State Preview And Prediction

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Black Friday Game

What a weird time to play a game. In Boise, husbands will be crowded around the flat screens at Best Buy while wives will be buying iPhones for everybody on her gift list.

Forget crunching numbers and comparing stats; see where that got everybody last week? The Broncos won going away and on the road. (BSU 56 – Utah State 21)

This week Boise State plays a Friday afternoon game at Colorado State.

There are no conference implications on this game. It’s just a straight-up game. Yet, there are bowl selection and ranking implications. Thus the Broncos must treat this as a must-win game.

The Rams would like nothing better than to do that to knock off a top 20 team. Especially in front of the home crowd.

Every game is hard-fought; even the lopsided wins.

Mentally and physically the Broncos will be bringing their best as will Colorado State.

If It Ain’t Broke…

Who will start at quarterback?

Jaylon Henderson has come out of nowhere and become somebody. He is reminiscent of Montell Cozart.

It’s near impossible to compare the two. They both came from other programs hoping to compete and contribute.

It must be stated Henderson has a much better arm. It can be argued he also may be a better runner.

Only head coach Bryan Harsin and likely offensive coordinator Zak Hill know for sure. No one occupies the space in Bryan Harsin’s head except for Bryan Harsin. However, if it ain’t broke why fix it. It might appear foolish to start anybody but Jaylon Henderson—he’s the guy who has earned it.

Lastly, it would not surprise me to see Henderson finish the season as the starter.

Holy Holani, Batman, Another 1,000 Season

George Holani will start but if the game gets beyond Colorado State’s grasp early look for Andrew Van Buren and Danny Smith to see a lot of action.

The Rams yield over 200 yards a game. That means Holani will figure prominently in the Broncos game plan.

George is 130 yards shy of a 1,000 yards rushing for the season. That’s not why the game is played but it would be a cherry atop a freshman year for the hard-working lad.

The o-line will have a lot to say about Holani’s early rest on the bench. AVB and Smith need some snaps. Danny needs his first TD.

Though the numbers don’t support it, Robert Mahone is still the best running back the Broncos have. His knee prevents him from competing at full gallop.

The D Has To Play Like Sharks

Last week the Bronco’s defense hauled in two interceptions.

The Rams have a decent passing game. That’s their strong suit. Look for the Broncos to counter that with strong rushing and well-disguised blitzes. When that happens balls often end up skimming along the turf like a flat stone across a pond or falling into the arms of Bronco defenders like a soldier holding his gal like just returning from deployment.

There is proverbial blood in the water. The taste of a take-way is like an addictive drug; you got to have more. Look for the Broncos to be in that mode.


Advise; score early, score often.

Broncos 59 other guys 14.


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