Boise State Moves Up To 19th; How They Can Move Further Up This Weekend

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Boise State’s win over Colorado State managed to inch the Broncos up only one spot in the CFP rankings. The Broncos are ranked 19th.

What does that mean for the upcoming week of conference title games?

Cincinnati/Memphis Will Be Key

Memphis is the only Group of 5 school in front of Boise in the CFP rankings. They perhaps stand in the way of the Broncos receiving an NY6 Bowl selection. 

This Saturday afternoon Boise State fans will be paying almost as much attention to the Cincinnati/Memphis game as they will their own. The Cincinnati/Memphis game starts at 1:30 and the Hawaii/Boise State game at 2:00.

Memphis (17th) bested Cincinnati (20th) in their seasons’ finale 34 – 24. They played the game at Memphis and the conference championship is played there also.

It’s tough to beat a team twice in a season, especially playing a week apart when the score was close.

The Bearcats know what holes they have to plug. Memphis may feel as if they plugged all the holes in their victory.

While Memphis will be loaded for Bear—cats, Cincy will be loaded for Tiger.

I’m predicting a Cincinnati upset. Such an upset may pave the way for the Broncos to be in line for an NY6 bowl game.

It will be sort of a back door entrance, but one can hope can’t they?

Boise State’s NY6 Scenarios

College Football Playoff Rankings

  1.  Ohio State
  2.  LSU
  3.  Clemson
  4.  Georgia
  5.  Utah
  6.  Oklahoma
  7.  Baylor
  8.  Wisconsin
  9.  Florida
  10.  Penn State
  11.  Auburn
  12.  Alabama
  13.  Oregon
  14.  Michigan
  15.  Notre Dame
  16. Iowa
  17.  Memphis
  18.  Minnesota
  19.  Boise State
  20.  Cincinnati
  21.  App State
  22.  USC
  23.  Virginia
  24.  Navy
  25. Oklahoma State

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PAC Playoff

Utah is ranked 5th and 11-1. They will face Oregon at 10-2 and ranked 13th.

A Utah win and the Ducks may sink below the Broncos in the rankings. That is likely not going to happen.

Big 10 Playoff

An Ohio State, ranked 1st, win would drop Wisconsin, ranked 8th, to 10 and 3. Is that enough to move the Broncos around the Badgers?

Likely not; the pollster will consider two of the three losses were at the hands of the number one Ohio State.

Although rooting for Ohio State, a Wisconsin loss gives little chance to the Broncos’ moving around them.

Idle Teams

A resounding Boise State win might impress the pollsters to rank the Broncos ahead of Iowa now ranked at 16th. Iowa is at 9 and 3 on the season.

What about a move around 10 and 2 Notre Dame who is ranked 15th? It is likewise unlikely the Broncos could move around them.

Also from the Big 10, Minnesota at 10 and 2 dropped to 18th. That might mean there is a chance Boise could go around them. The same can be said about Michigan at 9 and 3 and currently ranked 14th. Also, Penn State is ranked 10th with a 10 and 2 record.

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The only thing the Broncos can do this weekend is to take care of what they can control—win their conference. In order for the Broncos to improve in the rankings and receive an NY6 invitation a lot of strange things have to take place.


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Kenton lives in Boise. He is the former publisher of the Boise State sports site, Smurf Turf; writing exclusively about Broncos football and basketball. He is also a novelist and short story writer.

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