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Boise State rated No.1 most hated college football team

“They hate us, cause they ain’t us.”

LSU economics professor Sudipta Sarangi recently did a study on the best college football rivalries across the country, as well as who is the most hated college football program.

He found that his LSU Tigers were the 32nd most hated team in the nation, but a little school tucked in the Pacific Northwest called Boise State claimed the No. 1 spot of all schools across the nation.

That’s right, not USC, not Notre Dame, not Ohio State, THE Boise State Broncos.

There were no metrics released on how and why Sarangi and his colleagues came to this conclusion, and the article has yet to be released.

Sarangi’s article title, “Everybody Hates a Winner, and You are Close to Your Rival: A Study of Rivalry in College Football,” will be released in a future issue of Economic Inquiry.

“Through the use of conference-level data from a survey of college football fans, the group of authors came to a number of conclusions. For instance, looking at the Herfindahl Index – Sarangi said think of it as market share – of a team’s rivalry within its conference, Boise State would be at the top of the list, followed by Brigham Young, West Virginia, Middle Tennessee State and Fresno State.” ran an article breaking down what fans will see in the Sarangi’s piece. 


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