Week 6: Boise State Rooting Interests

As the Bronco season moves onto week 6 and the Broncos prepare to visit Colorado State, there is some rooting we can do for teams that can either help the Broncos resume, or help Boise State become a clear favorite in the Group of 5 conferences. Teams in bold are ones Bronco fans should root for.

To begin, let’s look at the three best teams the Broncos have played so far this season.

Washington vs. # 17 USC: Final Score- Washington 17, USC 12

A good strength of schedule boost here for the Broncos, as the Huskies win on the road and take down the No. 17 Trojans. Coach Pete led his squad to help the Broncos not only in strength of schedule, but this game will also bump USC down in the rankings, likely out of the top 25.

BYU vs East Carolina

The Cougars host East Carolina to take on the Pirates Saturday night. As is the case with Washington and Virginia, it looks better for the teams the Broncos have played to perform as well as possible throughout the season. Although it is tough for some Bronco fans to root for BYU, especially after a tough loss this year, it helps the Broncos track record to see the Cougars win as many games as possible throughout the season. Both BYU and East Carolina post records of 3-2.

Virginia at Pittsburgh

As mentioned above with BYU, it would be nice to see Virginia to turn things around, and to begin a winning streak as ACC conference play gets underway. Virginia (1-3) travels to Heinz Field on Saturday to take on the Pittsburgh Panthers (3-1). A win on the road against a 3-1 Pitt team would help make the Broncos look a little better.

For the Broncos to make a New Year’s 6 Bowl Game, they must be the highest ranked among teams in the Group of 5 Conferences. In the AP Poll, The Broncos are ranked #25, one spot behind the Toledo Rockets. However, in the Coaches Poll, the Broncos are ranked #24, the highest of teams in the Group of 5, followed by Memphis who is ranked #25. The teams who are currently threats to take the Group of 5 bowl bid from the Broncos include Toledo, Memphis, Temple, Navy and Houston.

Kent State at #24 Toledo

Toledo seems like the biggest threat to the Broncos at the moment. The Rockets are 4-0 with wins over Arkansas and Iowa State. With Conference play underway in the MAC, Toledo has the hardest part of their schedule out of the way. For Boise State, it would be best to see Toledo lose due to the Rockets posing a legitimate threat to go undefeated.

(Memphis)-Bye week. However, next weekend the Tigers are set to face Ole Miss. It will most definitely be tough for the Tigers to take down the Rebels.

Tulane at Temple

The Temple Owls are undefeated at 4-0 and are set to host 2-2 Tulane this weekend. Temple is the 2nd team, and not the last, from the AAC on this list (Memphis: Bye Week). With Memphis, Temple, Navy and Houston all in the AAC, some of these teams are set to play each other later in the season. However, if one of the teams ends up going undefeated, this will cause problems for the Broncos. Going back to Temple vs. Tulane, it will be tough for Tulane to take down the Owls on the road.

Navy at. #15 Notre Dame

Navy visits South Bend this week to take on Notre Dame after the Irish lost a heart breaker to Clemson. For Boise State, it would be nice to see Navy lose their potential of going undefeated before taking on the likes of Memphis and Houston later in AAC play.

SMU at Houston: Final Score-Houston 49, SMU 28

The Cougars took down the SMU Mustangs pretty easily on Thursday night. Houston is now 5-0 on the year. However, Houston has tough games remaining against Memphis and Navy later on in the season.

For the Broncos to climb in the rankings, it is nice to see teams in the low teens and the twenties to lose, and either fall down in the rankings or drop out entirely. Many teams lower in the rankings near the area of the Broncos have tough opponents this week and include:

Illinois at #22 Iowa

#19 Georgia at Tennessee

#21 Oklahoma State at West Virginia

#23 California at #5 Utah


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