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Boise State vs BYU betting lines

One week after Boise State’s highly anticipated opener against their former coach and his Washington Huskies, the Broncos are heading into another highly touted matchup against the BYU cougars.

According to ESPN’s lines page, the Broncos are favored over the Cougars by only -3 points. A big difference from last week. The game has an over/under of 57.

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Many of the score predictions have picked a close win for either side. As of right now, no blowouts have been predicted.

Vegas betting lines have not creeped away from the -3 on ESPN’s page either. Some have Boise State as -1 point favorites will others have -2, -2.5, and -3.

MGM-Mirage has the Broncos at -2.5 while Stations and Caesars-Hilton have Boise State at -3 each.

How do these lines sound, Bronco Nation?


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