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Boise State Vs BYU Prediction

The Other Guys

BYU comes to the Blue with a 4-4 record. Last week, against Northern Illinois of the Midwest Conference they could only manage two field goals in a 7-6 defeat.

Tanner Mangum started the season until a couple games ago when the Cougars thought they needed some additional offensive punch. How’s that working for you?

Their season started with great promise by knocking off (at that time) 6th ranked Wisconsin. Turns out that wasn’t such a quality win; the Badgers are no longer in the top 25.

Freshman quarterback, Zack Wilson has been starting for the Cougs, yeah the same Zack Wilson, who de-committed from the Broncos last year.

One of the Cougars feature running backs is Squally Canada, yeah the same Squally Canada who de-committed from the Broncos in 2014 to play for the Washington State Cougars. He eventually enrolled at BYU. It wasn’t so much that he wanted to play there, he already had the Cougar tattoo.

There may be a good chance Tanner Magnum starts at quarterback—yeah that Tanner Magnum—never mind any explanations.

Us Guys

As lukewarm as the Boise State running game has been it boils compared to BYU.

The Bronco’s Alexander Mattison picked up some nastiness last week. He pounded the Air Force for 136 yards, his season high. He appears to be a different runner than previous games.

There is little comparison in the passing games; the Broncos are head and shoulders above the Cougars. No matter how it’s gauged Brett Rypien is among the elite quarterbacks in the nation.

However, the game is won in the trenches. It makes little difference how mean Mattison runs, mean guys can’t run through brick walls.

And Rypien can singe a whisker off a flees chin with passes. If he doesn’t have the time to throw or the receivers can’t get open, he may as well save it for the combines.

The Bronco lineman on both sides, better be chewing grass and pawing at the turf from the first snap until the last. BYU has a reputation for playing tough and ________ (you can fill in the blank).

It’s not a conference game. It’s a rivalry game. Toss the records and stats aside. They mean something but not much.

There is a likelihood this game will go down to who scores last.

The Broncos win. However, no more than two scores.


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