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Boise State Vs. Fresno State; Friday Vs Columbo

Here Are The Facts

Perhaps many don’t remember the old TV series Dragnet. It featured the dead-pan detective Sergeant Joe Friday played by actor Jack Webb. He was known for always saying while gathering information, “Just the facts, mam.”

Fresno has the 14th ranked defense in the nation, Boise State 42nd. They are number 5 in takeaways. The Broncos are 23. The Bulldogs are 2nd in red zone defense. The Broncos are 60th.

Boise State is ranked 20th in overall offense, Fresno is 46th. Fresno is 4th in fewest turnovers. Boise is 33rd. Red zone scoring, Fresno is 33rd and Boise is 69th.

“Thank you, mam.”

The Game Plan

Fresno will blitz Brett Rypien like a mad dog chasing a rabbit with a strip of bacon tied to its tail. The Boise State offensive line will have to come of age physically and mentally.

If there was ever a time to slip into the big boy pants, it’s now.

If the Broncos manage a win, it will be because they reached deeper than what they’ve shown so far.

Of Mice and Men

Frankly, a better game plan on offense or defense have their place but a team with few weaknesses, that is not the answer. The best plan is to play your game your way with as much pride and hostility as possible.

To paraphrase poet Robert Burns, ‘the best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry.’

Sometimes what is so easily formulated for success and predictable by facts and statistics are just as easily erased with mental and physical tenaciousness. It is called the human factor.

The best game plan is a determination not to lose.

Just One More Thing

Likewise, do you recall Columbo? Actor Peter Falk played the rumpled bumbling cigar smoking Detective Columbo. He often famously said when about to leave, “There’s just one more thing.” And that one more thing changed everything.

He might continue in this way, “Something’s bothering me. Not everything adds up. Ya know, when things don’t add up, it keeps me awake at night.”

In other words, Columbo had all the facts but they did not tell the complete story.

Here’s a missing fact—the one more thing; Of the eight teams, Fresno has played only two of them with winning records. They have not played teams anywhere near the caliber of San Diego State, Oklahoma State, or Troy. In fact, I would even propose BYU might be better than any team they have played.

Fresno is 84th in the nation in strength of schedule and Boise is 66th. That fact sheds an entirely different perspective on all the other facts.

With that in mind, it appears this may be a close one. Maybe another one that goes down to the last play—however, a great Bronco win.


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