Boise State Vs New Mexico; Land of Enchantment And Other Weird Stuff

Enchanted With Overconfidence

Boise visits the state down under—New Mexico. It is the land of enchantment (so the license plates say), curious animals (Chupacabra?), weird people (Bob Davie), myths (Roswell), and other strange things—like a triple option offense (now a myth); and it is no friend of the Broncos.

The Lobos are 3-7 this year.

Pretending the New Mexico game is a competitive contest is difficult. Of course, a danger exists in that type of thinking. Overconfidence often makes the other guys look like the champs they are not. However, that’s the Bronco’s problem.

If that first touchdown, first stop, or turnover seems easy, don’t think it’s going to go that way the rest of the night; don’t become enchanted.

D Stands For Domination

The good news is that the Lobos have given the triple-o a rest.

It is pretty much up to the Bronco’s defense; the Lobos have little chance of stopping the Bronco’s offense.

The Bronco’s defense must stay in their assignment, fill the gaps, not allow receivers to get behind the d-backs, and don’t tackle sloppy.

No matter how hard we try every relationship, complementary or competitive, there is always a dominant participant. The Broncos must be the dominant participant. And it must be established from the first possession.

Relationships break down when the dominant one gives up some of their power.

We’re still talking about football, in case you were wondering. Thus, give nothing to New Mexico.

Let’s See Some Other Guys

It has been a while since the Broncos have felt comfortable with marching Jaylon Henderson out on the field for some snaps. He needs some game reps.
It would be nice to see Henderson run a whole quarter or more. After all, we don’t know when he may be called upon to take command for real.

Alexander Mattison is 130 yards from his second 1,000-yard rushing year. Agreed, that is not the objective of this game but it would be nice. It might be best to let him work up a sweat, do a little huff and puff, and render a hand salute after a touchdown. And then let some others have some fun.

Likewise, Robert Mahone hauling in a 100-yard game would be great. Andrew Van Buran needs some touches also. And while we’re at it, Mr. Skyler Seibold earned some snaps along the way.

The same can be said of the offensive line. Let them young bulls graze on the turf for a while. (Just kidding, although New Mexico’s turf has plenty of fiber, it is polyethylene.)

Still Gotta Grunt

This is not an exhibition game, so don’t confuse my tone as if I think this will be a cakewalk. A lot of grunting and groaning will still be going on. It’s just that New Mex is not a ‘Homa, Fresnot, or Dieg-no.

The defense will still have to play like it’s a do or die. That will be hard to do when they’re out on the field having every one of their skills tested to the max, while the offense is on the sidelines all smiles, hand slaps, and bro hugs.

I Hate Predicting Scores; I’m Always Wrong

This has all the ingredients of a six or seven score blow out. That is not head coach Bryan Harsin’s style. He doesn’t want his guys to ease off the gas, he just lowers their gear.
I don’t like predicting actual scores but I’ll do so just the give some indication of what is expected. 49-17, Broncos.


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