Boise State’s 10-2 season a failure? Not so fast

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The Boise State Broncos finished off their regular season Friday against conference menace and foe, Air Force.

For the third straight year, the Falcons have beaten the Broncos. Boise State had a lot on the line. A potential conference title berth, and a possible trip to a New Year’s Six bowl.

Needless to say, nothing went the Bronco’s way Friday afternoon.

Sophomore quarterback, Brett Rypien ended the game with just 9 completions. Jeremy McNichols finished with 88 yards on 22 carries and 1 touchdown.

It was not a typical Bronco game and not the way the Bronco Nation wanted their season to end.

In fact, with that said, I’m certain this is not the way Harsin & Co. wanted their season to end either. Friday’s debacle left Bronco Nation upset, hurt, and angry.

What’s worse, it left many in Bronco Nation calling for the head and job of Harsin.

Bryan Harsin’s Track Record at Boise State

  • Overall Record
  • Against P5 Schools
  • Bowl Record
31-8 (One Conference Championship)
5-1 (Washington, Virginia, Arizona, Oregon State, Washington State)
2-0 (1 Fiesta Bowl Victory)

I guess I want to know why?

Let’s get something out of the way right now, a vast majority of Bronco Nation is loyal to a tee. I understand and acknowledge that.

They understand that losses are part of the game. They understand that no two Saturdays are alike. They understand that 12-0 seasons are not at all a guarantee and are actually few and very far between.

These are all realities that are a part of college football.

There is a lot I can say to those who don’t understand the above listed. The most pressing, in my opinion, is helping to bring to light that Bronco Nation is misplacing their rage.

For too many in Bronco Nation, a 10-2 regular season finish seems to be unacceptable.

But why?

Admittingly, I am a Cal fan. I have had the unfortunate opportunity to live in the City of Berkeley and Bay Area for the last 3 years while my fiancée finishes up law school at U.C. Berkeley.

The best season since I’ve moved here has been 8-5. Fans were ecstatic. They went to a bowl game and won. Prior seasons have been so bad that the Bears went 1-11 in one of those seasons.

What if the tables were turned? Imagine the outrage if Boise State went 1-11.

If that happened, I would understand the outrage from the fan base. I would understand the calling for Harsin’s head and job.

But the anger due to a 10-2 season is just ridiculous. It’s childish, it’s spoiled. So stop. Get off your high horse and accept the successful season that Boise State players fought to give you.

If you must throw a fit and tantrum over it, then please direct your anger in the right direction.

Direct it at the system that doesn’t reward Boise State for a 10-2 season, which could send the Broncos bowling against a MAC, AAC opponent or an opponent that isn’t as motivated to be in a bowl game as Boise State would be.

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Direct that anger at the system that has conditioned you to accept 10-2 as a failure.

You accept 10-2 as a failure because the system in place treats it like it is.

As I write this, I am watching the Ohio State/Michigan game. Both of these teams are sitting at 10-2 records. Once the final whistle blows one will have two loses.

Yet, neither is in danger of the toilet bowl or some other awful bowl. In fact, the loser could possibly end up in a NY6 bowl or some other post- Christmas bowl game. The system values their 10-2 record more than it does Boise’s.

The Broncos are victims of systematic disrespect.

A 10-2 season is not a failure. It is a fantastic season and no less. So be proud of being a fan of a team that gives you success year in and year out.

Be proud to be a Bronco and part of the best fan base in college football.

Be proud to Bleed Blue.

Most of all, be thankful for Harsin & Co. for all the hard work they put in to give you a team worth being proud of.


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