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Boise State’s Future In The Mountain West?

American Athletic Conferences Woes

Recently the Orlando Sentinel ran an article suggesting Boise State may be a good addition to the American Athletic Conference.

UConn will no longer be a part of the AAC. That leaves the conference with only 11 teams. The NCAA has given them special permission to have a play-off with only 11 teams. However, that provision is temporary and will expire in 2022.

The AAC desperately needs a school. This is not to say the AAC is knocking on the door of the Broncos.


In logistical terms, there are a number of schools back east that make more sense. Such as schools from Conference USA or the Sun Belt. None have the clout of a Boise State, however few to none already exist in the AAC with Boise’s caliber or brand.

If Boise accepts an invitation to the AAC it would mean four or five games far far away. The closest competitor is Tulsa—1,500 miles.

Is Boise State interested in committing to any venture close to that? Let’s hope not. Although they did join the Big East (Big Least). That conference folded.

What’s In The Shifting Winds?

The AAC’s flagship teams appear as if they may soon be swallowed by the ACC and SEC. Rumors continue to swirl about UCF, Memphis, SMU, Cincinnati, and Houston being groomed and wooed to join the ACC, SEC, or Big 12.

Thus, it would not be surprising to see The Big 12 try to poach from the AAC but also attempt to raid the PAC 12’s refrigerator for Arizona and Arizona State. That might open a slot for Boise to move into the PAC.

The Big 12 and PAC are in a war against the Big 10, ACC, and SEC—and losing. TV revenue funnels east.


Academics and other programs really mean nothing. Media market share is everything. Don’t let the conferences tell you anything different.

The only hope for BSU to attract an invitation to a P5 conference is to continue promoting the blue turf as a national brand.


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