Boise Vs. Hawaii, Conference Championship Showdown – Predicting the Score

Can it be deja vu all over again for the Broncos against Hawaii this Saturday afternoon on the Blue at Albertsons Stadium? Can the Broncos repeat what they did back on October 12th—beating the Rainbow Warriors 59 to 37?

The game is for all the Mountain West Conference marbles. Forget the records of both teams—the winner is the Conference Champ!

Rainbow Reflection

Here’s one thing that may not occur that helped the Broncos tremendously in the first match; Hawaii had four turnovers. If they improve that it may be a tighter game than before.

Here is something interesting about Hawaii; they have been held to 21 or below three times this season. Two of them have been wins. In other words, when the offense doesn’t perform up to par it seems as though that inspires the defense.

The two games were 21 to 7 win over UNLV and a 14 to 11 win over San Diego.

Hawaii has a good passing attack led by quarterback Cole McDonald and sustained by Cedric Byrd (91 receptions), Jared Smart (75 receptions), and Jason-Matthew Sharsh(73 receptions). Impressive!

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Boise Arsenal

The Broncos have plenty of offensive schemes, looks, and weapons.

The Broncos fielded three quarterbacks during the last outing. Jaylon Henderson starts this time but will head coach Bryan Harsin and offensive coordinator Zak Hill show all three this time?

Each quarterback brings his own particular wrinkle or skill set that the Hawaii defense will have to make adjustments for each.

Runners Ready

At running back, if Robert Mahone is fully available and operational, he will be a problem. Lately, he has only come in on passing downs as a blocker. There may be some surprises in his utilization.

Also, they will have to deal with a maturing freshman George Holani. All George needs is a slice-opening and the next thing you know he’s laying a stiff-arm on a safety.

Also, Andrew Van Buran may see some quality snaps. He has shown some flashes of brilliance.

Warm Reception

Boise State receivers are all solid and lethal. They not only sprint into open spaces but all see action from out of the backfield. They are either a decoy or the real deal.

Here’s something else dangerous about Boise receivers; they come ready to toss the ball or run from the backfield. John Hightower, Khalil Shakir, and C T Thomas have all thrown passes. And last week Garret Collingham was locked and loaded but ran it in for a TD instead.

Defending Their Honor

Defensively the Broncos have been able to bring along some youngsters to help where injuries have occurred.

The secondary played well in the first outing against Hawaii but they have really matured in the last three or four games.

They seemed to be relying more on athletic ability rather than playing their game intelligently.

Curtis Weaver receives a lot of attention from the opposing offensive linemen. (Who doesn’t like attention?) Whatever Hawaii’s plan is it will include special attention given to Weaver the Cleaver. (Same name as Beaver Cleaver’s uncle, the butcher.)

If Hawaii is able to control the pass rush the battle will have to be won in the secondary.

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Remember The Fresno!

That was the ship that sunk The Boise last year—on the Blue!!!

The best motivator is to remember what it felt like losing the conference title last year to Fresno in front of your home crowd. True, many from the team have moved on but enough remain who still have the bitter aftertaste.

The weather is reported to be 48 degrees and rain. It will rain on one team as much as the other and one side of the field won’t be warmer than the other. It comes down to who wants it more.

Lastly, as bad as I am at these things; I’m going to my hat and pick out some numbers—a 5, a 1, another 1 and a 7.

That’s it; Boise State 51 and the other guys 17. (I guess it could technically be 511 to 7.)

I’m so optimistic; the experts are saying Boise by 14.


About Kenton Lewis

Kenton lives in Boise. He is the former publisher of the Boise State sports site, Smurf Turf; writing exclusively about Broncos football and basketball. He is also a novelist and short story writer.

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