Born 2 B a Bronco, Reid Harrison-Ducros

My name is Reid Harrison-Ducros or “HD.” I owe all I have become as a young man, football teammate, and friend to God and people in my life including my parents, teachers, coaches and mentors.

My dad is a native New Orleanian and self-proclaimed #1 Saints fan. He did not play college football and vowed to give me every resource of his time to allow me to pursue that dream if I wanted it (assuming I maintained good grades). His dad played CB for New Mexico. My mom is a retired Special Ed. teacher and her gift to the family is undying support (you’ll hear her at our games!). Her dad was a college gymnast at Texas Southern University.

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I have loved the game as far back as I can remember, and my approach to the game was formulated by my very first day of 7 year-old pee wee ball. We moved to Dallas in December ’03 when my dad joined Frito-Lay. That fall, we were still not very connected in the neighborhood so we attempted to register for football really late.  

The commissioner was Mr. Larry Prescott who was and is a very kind hearted man. He did not have the heart to tell me that the teams were essentially picked and full, and he did not have the heart to tell me I was too short, skinny and scrawny anyways :-). So he told me to come to practice and they would assess me.

At practice, he walked me to the huddle, told the offense to run a sweep right to me, and told the defense to take it easy. I took the pitch, cut up behind teammate and friend-to-this-day OG Michael Prescott, cut right outside the LB, and turned it up for a TD.  

Coach Prescott told the defense not to allow TDs even when going half speed so they were to stop me on the next play. We ran the same play with the exact same result. Coach Prescott grabbed me behind my helmet like he often grabbed his son, Michael, when he was proud of him, walked me over to my parents, and told them,

“Plans have changed, Reid will be on this team!”

Observers might say that natural talent showed that day, but that is far from the truth. In the weeks leading up to registration, my dad and I worked three hours every evening after he got off from work on football technique, holding the ball properly, catching it properly, holding my head up, how to fail and succeed with class, etc.  

Most days we would come home tired, hungry and not speaking to each other. He would be frustrated at us not finishing the agenda, and I would be frustrated at not mastering the topics. He would always tell me we did not have to go back the next day; but, when he arrived home from work, I was dressed, had the bag of balls, training cones and cushions, and was ready to go. I suspect mom thought we were both nuts!


How I prepare today is really no different. I have always been amongst the smallest players, and not always the fastest, but I’ve learned that absorbing everything coaches can offer, practicing harder, studying film efficiently and longer, and setting specific goals for success in training and eating can allow me to cover guys with way more physical gifts and contribute to team success.  

Jay Valai, Clay Mack, Kevin Mathis, and Larry Brown are local DB gurus who work hard with me on the technical and mental aspects of the CB game. Because of them, I have also been exposed to scheme and position tendencies, break points, and can often identify route combinations either before the play starts or very early in the play.  

I have learned that the mental aspect is way more important than the physical aspect, so when you master the mental, then your physical gifts can allow you to make plays.  Just as importantly, I have learned the name on the front of the jersey is more important than the name on the back of the jersey.

Fast forwarding to the BSU connection, I had a choice between attending a B1G camp or the BSU elite camp. The B1G school invited me, but did not seem nearly as interested as BSU. Coach Drinkwitz and Coach Brown came to spring practices and told the coaches they were very interested in me and shared very specific reasons why they were interested.

I made the decision to attend the BSU camp and forego the B1G. Again, I did well enough at the camp to receive an offer a couple weeks later, but it was the same scenario playing out. My dad, Jay Valai, and Clay Mack worked with me endless hours preparing for the Boise camp so that when I arrived, I had no thoughts of technique at all — it was just time to ball.

My Official Scholarship Offer From Boise State
My Official Scholarship Offer From Boise State

At the end of the first day, I started to think of my dream of playing DB on The Blue might come to reality. I had followed BSU’s usage of small but quick DB’s and dreamed that my game was a perfect match. I envisioned getting offers in my dreams, but never really thought it would happen.

When Coach Harsin and Coach Brown talked to us for a couple hours after the camp, it was surreal. When they offered a couple weeks later, we threw a neighborhood party and we all knew it was meant to be…. I was born to be a Bronco!

Boise State is known for taking down the “big boys.” I have enjoyed the last three varsity seasons of defending the opponents’ best receivers.

There is no feeling to match knowing you helped the team by shutting down the opponents’ best player. I model my game after Darrell Revis. It is no coincidence that I am joining the BLUE! I look forward to winning conference championships, bowl games and being part of the BLUE tradition!

Senior Season Stats

  • Defense
  • Offense 
68 tackles
13 Pass Break Ups
2 Forced Fumbles
2 Fumble Recoveries 
5 catches
195 yards
39 yard average
1 TD

CB Reid Harrison-Ducros

Harrison-Ducros (5’11”, 175lbs) is a little undersized but makes up for it with outstanding athletic ability, running a 4.51 40-yard dash. The Texas ball-hawk is a great physical presence and shows impressive speed on film.

He locks down bigger and taller receivers on an island and doesn’t give up an inch in coverage. Harrison-Ducros recorded 68 solo tackles this past season to go along with one interception, 13 pass break ups, two forced fumbles and two fumble recoveries.

“My visit to Boise was great, I loved the mountains, the coaching staff treats you like family, they treat everyone the same no matter if they are a scholarship player or not, I really liked how they cared about each person, they really made me feel at home, and you gotta love the blue turf.”

“Boise State saw my talent, I loved the surroundings, and could easily see myself living there…The coaching staff told me they liked my footwork, my technique, and coach Harsin told me he got a good vibe from me,” said Reid.

BNN also talked to Reid’s father, Gary Harrison-Ducros back in June on his son’s decision to play on The Blue, ” Perfect fit…. Reid will get an MBA after football, and the corner play fits his press skills and ball hawk style. I could not be more happy with his decision!”


About Reid Harrison-Ducros

My name is Reid Harrison-Ducros or "HD." I owe all I have become as a young man, football teammate, and friend to God and people in my life including my parents, teachers, coaches and mentors. I look forward to winning conference championships, bowl games and being part of the BLUE tradition!

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