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Broncos Finally Land Quarterback Recruit


What is it they say, ‘the second mouse gets the cheese.’

In the search for a quarterback recruit, it almost seemed as if the Broncos might come up empty this year. A couple of promising prospects committed to schools with less competition for a starting role.


Yesterday, quarterback Cade Fennegan announced he accepted an offer from Boise State. Cade is from Dallas, Texas and played his high school football at Woodrow Wilson.

He stands at 6’2” and around the 170 range.

North Texas was his original commitment in 2018. After graduation from high school, he traveled to Argentina for his LDS mission. That ends this summer.


Cade has a rocket arm and throws well on the move. And speaking of on the move—he moves. A 40-yard dash speed could not be found but he appears allusive and fast. He slithers his way for yardage.

One of the more impressive skills is his poise. He moves confidently in the pocket with his eyes always downfield looking for receivers. His footwork is incredible. Here’s some video.

Likely he’ll be a 20-year-old when he starts taking practice snaps for the Broncos this summer. That means he brings a level of maturity and skill not often seen in a freshman.

Welcome Cade

So here’s to Cade Fennegan; work hard, run hard, throw hard, and make everyone in front of you earn every snap.

Cade, welcome to The Blue!


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