Broncos land local Defensive End Aisa Kelemete

Boise State landed their sixth commitment of their 2017 recruiting class on Saturday night. Aisa Kelmete’s high school coach at Highland High School in Pocatello announced the news on Twitter last night.

Bryan Harsin confirmed the news 31 minutes later in his usual fashion.

Kelemete took some time out of his Sunday afternoon to dish to the Bronco Nation faithful about his commitment.

What about Boise State was more attractive to you than Wazzu? (Kelemete held an offer from the Cougars).

Aisa Kelemete: “I like how the coaches are always there for you and they all keep in contact to see how I’m doing.”

What have the coaches said to you about what to expect from your role on the defense?

AK: “The role they expect me to have is what they call the stud backer.”

What are you looking forward to most about being a Bronco and moving to Boise?

AK: “I’m looking forward to meeting all the players and building a stronger connection with all the coaches and playing football.”

What Boise State player do you try to model your game after?

AK: “I would say I try to model my game from Kamalei Correa.”

What NFL player do you try to model you game after?

AK: “I try to model my game after Von Miller.”

How do you feel about your relationship with Coach Harsin?

AK: “Great coach, I’ve only met him twice in person but I look forward to playing for him and getting a strong bond between us.”

How do you feel about you relationships with Coach Avalos and Coach Caldwell?

AK: “Also great coaches and great guys, our relationship is strong and I look forward to building it.”

What are your team goals for your time in Boise?

AK: “My team goals (are) to win a championship like every other athlete.”

What are you individual goals for your time in Boise?

AK: “I’d like to get a degree so I can get a good job because football doesn’t last forever.”

How does your personality translate to your play on the field?

AK: “My personality doesn’t translate to the field. If you find me any where else you’ll see a laid back, chill kinda guy but when I step onto the field I flip the switch and it’s a whole different person.”

The rest of Boise State’s 2017 recruiting class is listed below.

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