Broncos make P5-esque climb in rankings

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Preseason, nothing.

Week 2, zilch.

Week 3, nada.

Week 4, nope.

Week 5, Enter the Broncos.

It took a while, but Boise State is back in the polls. Yes, we’ve covered this before. What we haven’t covered though is the type of rise the Broncos have been getting. They entered the rankings in week 5 at number 24 in the AP Rankings.

The following week had Boise State sitting at 19 in both the AP and Coaches polls. Fast forward to the present and the Broncos are sitting at 15 in both polls.

Boise State has climbed nine spots in two weeks. That’s a big jump. Bronco Nation is used to seeing their team have to fight just to maintain their spot in the rankings. So what’s changed?

Honestly, Boise State hasn’t beaten any high caliber opponents so far. The biggest name on their schedule so far is Washington State and, despite a win against Stanfurd (Yes, I’m a Cal fan. That’s how we spell Stanfurd), they aren’t the most impressive opponent so far.

One could argue that that Broncos could finally be getting the P5 level of respect they deserve. Boise State is arguably one of the most successful teams in college football.

Multiple conference championships, 3-0 in New Years Six bowls, and big wins. It is a well-known fact that many teams in the rankings are there because of their history. *cough* Texas, Ole’ Miss, Oklahoma *cough*.

While Bronco Nation and even the team itself, pride themselves off of a tradition of hard work and would rather earn the ranking than have it handed to them, there is something to be said about the potential of them being regarded as a ranking mainstay and perennial power.

Being marked in this fashion has the potential to open many doors for the Broncos. Games with bigger opponents, conference invites, and even a chance at the playoff could come with an elevated level of respect for Boise State.

Now, this is all just speculation and nothing more. But the quick rise in the rankings is brow raising for many reasons.


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