Broncos Offensive muscle gets bigger with Matt Pistone

The Boise State defense isn’t the only squad growing it’s muscle. The Broncos have picked up some strong talent on the offense side of the ball as well. Enter Matt Pistone.

Pistone is a 3 star tight end coming to the Broncos from The Grand Canyon State, Arizona. Pistone is standing at a solid 6’4” and 230 pounds

Originally planning to play for Oregon State, Pistone changed his commitment from the Beavers to the Broncos due to his interest in playing for Boise State. Despite the departure of Riley for Nebraska, Pistone stated that his wasn’t the defining factor that lead to his de-commitment from Oregon State.

He received a number of different offers besides Oregon State, including Washington.

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During Matt’s interview with BNN’s Bryan Nolen, he described his official visit to Boise State and his experience with the players as well as watching one of their practices.

Pistone also mentions that he had a chance to develop a good bond with TE coach, Eliah Drinkwitz.

During his time in high school, Matt was nothing short of impressive, accumulating over 1,000 receiving yards off of 74 catches, an average of 14 yards per catch, and 26 receiving touchdowns. In his senior year alone, Pistone played 14 games, had 39 receptions for a total of 525 yards, averaged 37 yards a game and had 15 touchdowns.

Despite the impressive offensive stats, Matt described his blocking as one of his stronger points.

“I can catch passes, but one of my strongest, the thing I’m the best at is blocking…

I can block down linebackers, block down on defensive lineman, I can line up in the back field almost like a half back and lead block. I think the will help a lot. They definitely use a lot of tight ends at Boise State and I think I’ll fit in well there.”

When asked about the coaching staff Matt had some great things to say.

“He(Bryan Harsin) definitely supports the players a lot. He’s behind them 100 percent down to the press about them. Super supportive, like I was saying and coach Sanford and Coach Harsin, they coach the offense really well.”

While Matt is looking to be able to contribute early to the Broncos, he knows that it’s an honor you have to fight for and look to have it handed to you and that’s exactly what he is looking to do.


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