Broncos Set to Play Common Opponent in an Unfamiliar Stadium

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The month of November might be the most important for the College football landscape.

Teams should be familiar with their identity, and the way they play could potentially define their season.

For the Broncos, November is everything!

The way they play in their last three games will determine their position for a Mountain West Championship. Will they have home field advantage? Could they travel for the game? Will they even make it in?

The first road block- an away game versus division foe Colorado State.

Colliding with the Rams

The Broncos and Rams have only faced off six previous times in their history. Boise State has won all six including the first time these teams played in 2011.

The Broncos, in 2011, were #5 in the nation and led by Bronco great Kellen Moore.

This time around, a team driven by not one steering the wheel, but two; by the likes of Brett Rypien and Montell Cozart, find its way back in Fort Collins.

This season Colorado State purchased a multi-million dollar stadium. The physical environment for the Broncos might be different but the atmosphere is like any other; come to win!

The Broncos will look to take the series from 6 to 7-0.

What 2 Watch 4

The Perpetual Growth and Usage of a Dual QB System

For the Bronco offense, a dual quarterback system has seemed to be the most productive route.

Rypien has his qualities, Montell has his own that he excels at, and the offensive coaching staff has made the necessary adjustments to encourage the production of the two individuals.

One of the main takeaways from the game against Nevada, was that no Bronco quarterback was sacked.

Rypien came close on one play, before throwing a blind circus pass to Octavious Evans, but avoided it.

Rypien, for the most part, had a pocket to throw from all game.

Here’s his beauty of a touchdown throw to tight end Jake Roh:

When Rypien isn’t in the game, Montell has shown great leadership by being productive, encouraging both teammates and opposing players, and providing energy.

Both quarterbacks have their own successes, and the Bronco offense, as a unit, has done a great job adjusting to what’s on the field.

The Stevens-Gallup Duo

Last season, one could argue that Rypien-Sperbeck was the best offensive duo in the Mountain West. This year it seems as if senior receiver Cedrick Wilson has filled that void.

Falling a little under the radar last season, in terms of the “quarterback-receiver duo”, was Colorado State’s electric duo of Nick Stevens and Michael Gallup.

Stevens threw for almost 2,000 yards while Gallup provided over 1,200 receiving yards and 14 touchdowns for the Rams.

This season, the two have picked up right where they left off.

Stevens has over 2,800 yards passing on the year while Gallup has almost 1,200 yards receiving.

The Rams had the opportunity this season to travel down to Tuscaloosa to take on the #1 team in the nation.

For the duo, Stevens threw for almost 247 yards while Gallup had 81 yards receiving.

Though those aren’t incredibly impressive stats, the duo put the #9 passing defense on its heals throughout the first half.

The Rams have faced 3 of the top 10 teams in terms of fewest passing yards allowed.

*Air Force is #2 and Wyoming is #5

The Broncos come in at #41.

If the Broncos can can cause havoc on the duo, they would also significantly decrease the Rams’ offensive efficiency.

Dalyn Dawkins vs. the Boise State Run Defense

Colorado State, out of all the games so far this season, might just be the most balanced offense the Broncos have faced all season.

Stevens can throw, Gallup can catch, but the offense doesn’t stop there.

Along with the duo, senior running back Dalyn Dawkins has already achieved the 1,000 yard + rushing mark.

The Rams can hit the opposition with a pass play and then complement the drive with a powerful running attack.

Through 8 games, the Bronco defense had no running back eclipse the 100 yard mark.

In game 9 versus Nevada, the Broncos saw Kelton Moore achieve the 100 yard mark late in the fourth quarter.

No matter the stat, the Bronco defense has played lights out against the run.

Ranked #8 in the country, the Broncos have allowed just 299 yards of total rushing yards.

Dawkins, heading into the game versus the Broncos, is coming off of two 100+ yard performances. The Broncos are tasked with putting that to a stop.

However, that doesn’t mean his sole production is from the run game. Hawkins can also make plays catching the ball too; much like that of Alexander Mattison.

It will be up to the Bronco defense to dig deep and cover all aspects of the game.


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