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Just Another Panic Monday; Squeaker Against Weaker

It’s A “W” Or An “L”

Friday night’s low scoring and one TD win over Marshall was a surprise but not entirely. The Thundering Herd was stoked white-hot and the Broncos were lukewarm—at least offensively.

No matter the score, a win is a win. Boise State fans were likely expecting more than a 14 – 7 final but you take what you can get.

The early season indications are if you are going to beat Boise State all the scoring is going to be done in the first half. Because you get bupkus in the second half.

Zero yards second half—nuff said.

At the end of the day (or night), it’s a “W” or an “L”. There’s not a column for “CL”, Close Win.

Two Plays From Dominating

Hank Bachmeier scored a TD and passed for another which was all the scoring mustered by the Broncos. Two other scoring opportunities were missed; Bachmeier overthrew a wide-open Khalil Shakir and a play was called back on a holding infraction.

If those plays had turned out differently everyone would have been saying Boise dominated on both sides of the ball.

Bachmeier Still Learning

This week again proved the Broncos can sustain drives but as yet have not been able to capitalize on them with a high degree of certainty.

Bachmeier is still taking a lot of hits. That said, it is not entirely the offensive line’s fault or the backs not picking out the right rusher. The young quarterback has to find the open receiver quicker or sense where he should be in the pocket.

Mahone, Holani, Van Buren, Oh My!

Starting running back Robert Mahone left the game early. He appears to have a shoulder injury. Hope it is only a precautionary move.

George Holani came in and reeled off 103 yards on 22 carries. He ran for 70 in his first game against Florida State. If not for Bachmeier he would be the outstanding freshman.

Andrew Van Buren fumbled for the second time this season. Those appear to be anomalies. There is nothing in his history to indicate he has ball control issues. The fumble against Florida State was the result of a perfect hit. Plainly, the one against Marshall was of his own making.

As mentioned in a previous BNN article, Van Buren has some 100-yard games in his future.

John Ojukwu was on the sidelines with no pads or helmet. Apparently the extent of his injury is not season-ending, otherwise, we would have likely heard by now.

Emotional Preparation

There is no comparison between which game the Broncos were more emotionally prepared for. Playing an upper-echelon program on their home turf; if you aren’t prepared for that you’re likely on life support. The Broncos proved who they were against Florida State.

Playing at home against a good football team but nevertheless not near the caliber of Florida State does not hold the same degree of challenge or emotional content as the Marshall game. That said, it seems impossible to be hypercritical of the Broncos performance against Marshall.

Marshall came into this game with the same challenge and emotional charge as Boise State entered the Florida State game. What was the difference?

The defense easily won the game for the Broncos.

The offense didn’t shine but polished where needed.

Broncos won—nuff said.


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