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Can The Broncos Qualify For The Playoff?

One must be realistic. The Broncos chances, or for that fact any team from the G5 selected for the College Football Playoff, is nil. There are too many good teams this year—in my opinion.

Realistically, the Broncos could be near or just inside the top ten at season’s end. If they go undefeated.

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Teams Better Than Boise

1. Ohio State

In spite of the rankings, experts are saying Ohio State looks to be the best of the lot. Their remaining games will include 4 currently ranked teams. If they win out, they’re in. If they lose one, they are still likely in.

2. Clemson

Last year’s champ, Clemson, seems to have lost their edge. They have played only one ranked team and have only one currently ranked team remaining on their schedule. They lose, they’re out.

3. Alabama

Currently, number one is Alabama. They have yet to play a ranked team. They face three the rest of the way. If they lose one, they’re still in. Why? Because they’re Bama.

4. Georgia

Georgia is at number three. They choke ALL OF THE TIME. They beat an overrated Notre Dame. Other than that it’s been a walk to the bakery for cupcakes. They face three currently rated teams to finish the season. They will be a three-loss team this year.

5. LSU

LSU plays 4 currently ranked teams the rest of the way. They already beat ranked Texas. LSU has a real chance at a Natty.

6. Oklahoma

Oklahoma plays 2 currently ranked teams to finish the season. They look good against lesser teams. However now they start playing conference competition. They will lose one or possibly two.

7. Auburn

Auburn has beat 2 ranked teams thus far this season. They play 4 more. They include #1 Alabama, #3 Georgia, #5 LSU, and #10 Florida. I think they win two of those games. That’s a two-loss team that may deserve a shot if any of the others qualify for the final four.

8. Wisconsin

Wisconsin plays 3 more currently ranked programs. They handily beat Michigan. They have a good chance of playing for the championship but they must get around Ohio State at the Shoe.

9. Notre Dame

Notre Dame is 3-1. Their only loss came to #3 Georgia. Then they beat 18th Virginia. The only currently ranked team they play the rest of the way is Michigan. Notre Dame is always overrated. If they finish out the season with no losses, they’re in.

10. Florida

Florida is undefeated. They’ve beat three P5 conference teams. This week they face Auburn. They play three top-rated schools the rest of the way; #7 Auburn, #5 LSU, and #3 Georgia. If they beat Auburn look for them to skyrocket in the polls. They could be the surprise team of the season.

11. Texas

Texas is another surprise. They are 3-1 with their only loss to LSU. They will play Oklahoma in a week after this week’s game with West Virginia. I think they fall like a brick.

12. Penn State

Penn State gets no respect. Those guys are tough as nails. They are 4 and 0 but haven’t played anybody yet. They finish out the remaining season playing 4 currently ranked teams. Their only problem is they are in the same division as Ohio State. They are at least one of the top 8 schools in the nation.

13. Iowa

Iowa just plays tough football, even when they have a down year. Their wins are just wins. They play three currently ranked teams to finish the season.

Playoff Chances

Six of the teams above Boise State has a chance to move around in the polls if they remain undefeated. All those teams can sustain a loss or two and remain ahead of Boise.

The top five teams are out of reach for the Broncos. The remaining eight, the Broncos could compete with them. I’m not saying they would be favored but they would have a chance of winning.

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As the season progresses some teams get worse, some better, some stagnate. Water finds it’s own level and seasons put teams where they belong.

However, winning should be rewarded in the best possible way. If other teams have a loss or two and the Broncos go undefeated, they at least deserve consideration for the playoff.

At this point, the Broncos aren’t quite there. Who wants to see a Bronco team go to the playoff and possibly get slammed 56 – 0?

Here’s one thought in the back of my mind. Florida State may be a really good team. Boise embarrassing them in front of their home opener sent them reeling. It may take them a few games to recover.

In two weeks Florida State plays Clemson. If Florida State upsets Clemson that may indicate the Broncos beat a really good team.

That may be a time to reassess everything written above.


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Kenton lives in Boise. He is the former publisher of the Boise State sports site, Smurf Turf; writing exclusively about Broncos football and basketball. He is also a novelist and short story writer.

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