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Casey Kline, The Next Leighton Vander Esch-type player for Boise State?

I’m going to break ranks with creator, founder, writer, editor of all things I find humorous (thank goodness), husband, father-to-be, uncle, goofy goatee guy, Boise State grad, and __________ (fill in the blank, Drew Vachal; who wrote “comparison is the thief of joy.”

Yo! Keeping score is a comparison.

Anyway, I’m going to compare Boise State recruit, Casey Kline with—(hold your breath) Boise State legend and Dallas Cowboy Leighton Vander Esch.

If you can’t take an objective look at the two and come to the same conclusion—you’re just being unreasonable. (Which means you are probably a Duck’s fan.)

The comparisons start with Casey being 6’4” 210. “Baby Giraffe,” Leighton Vander Esch, walked onto the practice field a little more than four years ago, coming in at 6’4” 215.

Unlike LVE, in high school, Kline plays 11 man football. However, Kline like LVE plays wherever he is needed; quarterback, running back, receiver, linebacker, corner, and first chair in the violin section of the school orchestra. And he licks envelopes for the school secretary.

Casey attends Brawley High School in Brawley, California. He is a four-star recruit according to 247. He plays center and power forward on the basketball team.

He has attracted offers from the PAC 12 programs Oregon, Oregon State, UCLA, Washington State. At one time he committed Arizona. Once he saw the light he de-committed in favor of Boise State. He also has an offer from Yale.

There seems to be no end to his gridiron abilities and versatility. Casey excels on offense and defense. He’s like the bigger brother of Bronco recruit, Keegan Duncan.

Casey will likely not redshirt. His impact may be immediate. Not only because of his skill but he can be used in so many different positions.

Given his ability to play nearly anywhere, who knows where he may be most effective. His quickest path to showing up on the Blue next year is to play where ever there is a need.

Casey is not a speedster but he’s also not slow. Boise has yet to have a really physical wide receiver; the type of guy who can run a fade route and compete for the ball against anyone. He is that type of player.

However, if Casey is the type of guy who likes to wreak havoc against opposing offenses; he should not be denied. It looks as though the Boise State brain trust may already have him pegged as a STUD.

Casey is the complete football player.

In closing; Hey, Casey, I know where your parents can buy a bus.


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