Critique of Boise State/San Diego State Game; Monday Morning Quarterbacking

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Mentality And Muscle

“Baseball (football) is 90% mental and the other half physical,” Yogi Berra famously said.

Boise State boasts recruiting the best talent in the Mountain West Conference year after year. True, that is only the assessments of rating services, yet provides a way in which to predict the caliber of future teams and seasons.

When a team loses with superior talent, the assumption is a team was not mentally prepared. Beyond that assumption, no others can be concluded; other than, the recruiting services are wrong.


The Boise State team who beat Troy is clearly not the same team who lost to San Diego State.

The contest against Oklahoma State kicked a little mud in the Broncos’ faces. In horse racing, some horses can race with a little mud in their face and some can’t. Those who can are called mudders.

If you got a horse that is not a mudder, there are three ways to make them one. First, don’t race on a wet track. Second, whip the horse so vigorously that it forgets the mud. Third, pull the horse to the outside to avoid the mud. Each is a dangerous move. The horse may not like the whip or not have enough speed to overtake the other horses by going to the outside.


Brett Rypien’s passing accuracy was terrible by anyone’s estimation.

It’s true there were a lot of rushed passes and sacks. Some came from poorly conceived blocking assignments. A few came from good coverage. Others came from not seeing the open receiver.

One can argue every one of those variables is beyond the fault of the quarterback. However, every one of them is preventable—by the quarterback.

Far be it to speculate it was all the quarterback’s fault. Ten other players must out muscle, out think, and out heart the opposing players. In addition, the coaches must do the same.

In spite of all that, the only reason the Broncos lost was that of one play, a 72-yard run. The entire offensive game was riddled with lackluster executions, mistakes, and missed opportunities but it took only one defensive blunder amid an avalanche of success to sink the ship.

It all comes down to mentality, muscle, mud, and mistakes.


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