Crushing Defeat; Monday Morning (or is it Mourning) Coffee Cup Coach

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As difficult as it is to say, the Broncos got crushed. It happens. The Broncos lost to BYU 51 – 17.

One could make the argument allowing the opposing team 51 points in 26:47 time-of-possession isn’t good.


It can be said they didn’t have their number one running back or starting quarterback. It can be said they lost their backup quarterback in the first quarter. Also out was a valuable component to their defensive secondary and they missed their starting punter.

Given this was the Broncos third game and the Cougars eighth it might be understandable why the Broncos weren’t physically prepared.

There was little surprise that BYU won, they are a good team. It would have taken some sort of “blue mystique” to pull off an upset.

Some Good

There is not too much good that can be said about such a crushing loss. Except for backup quarterbacks, Caden Fennegan and Andy Peters got some serious game reps. And tight end Riley Smith continues to impress.

Early in the game starting quarterback, Jack Sears had to leave from what appeared to be a concussion. As a fan, it looked like targeting but that doesn’t take back the damage caused.

I’m not enough of an insider to give any sort of knowledgeable assessment of Hank Bachmeier or Jack Sears returning to action. Indeed, they are needed.

That said, it seemed to me head coach Harsin was preparing for a Fennegan/Peters possibility.

Rivalry games are tough to lose. However, this was not a conference match. The Broncos can learn from this defeat and still take the Mountain West Title.

Things Learned

The Broncos are better with Bachmeier/Sears. They are better with George Holani.

Fennegan proved he can play against tough competition. However, he lacks the experience to sustain drives by finding second, third, or check-down receivers. Although, given the circumstances he was impressive.

Kahil Shakir is in a class of his own. Two TDs and fumble recovery sandwiched in between in about 10 seconds. Let us also not forget he tossed them—Flinin’ Fennagan.

We learned also that Colorado State won’t be a pushover. They may be the Broncos’ toughest conference opponent.

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