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Early Morning (Season) Jitters

The nice thing for me about a 10:00 AM Mountain Time starting time is I’m not sure whether it is the morning coffee or game day causing the jitters. Regardless, I’m having the jitters no matter what.

Only one season really comes to mind that started out this way (almost). It was 2008.

Everybody was wringing their hands over an unproven raw freshman quarterback, Kellen Moore. Thus, the rest is history.

Recall Kellen had the luxury of starting the season playing a powder puff, Idaho State. The game, likely a confidence builder for a stellar career.

Hank Bachmeier neither has the luxury of a powder puff nor a redshirt year to absorb the college game. That’s where my jitters come in.

Boise is solid this year on defense and battle-tested on offense except for quarterback and running back.

Florida State will likely blitz the inexperienced Bachmeier. Short slants and quick screens usually take care of that. Delay handoffs usually have the defense on their heels and grabbing for the jersey of running backs.

Robert Mahone, Andrew Van Buren, and George Holani look as if they will get most of their running yardage streaking in from the bench. One will likely emerge as the go-to guy. The point made is this too makes me a little jittery.

In conclusion, too many questions and not enough experience. Boise with lesser talent has faced tougher opponents and walked away with a double U. But I’m still jittery—got to be the coffee.


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