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Games To Follow This Weekend

This week’s CFP has Boise State ranked at 20th.

The Bronco’s invitation of what bowl game they end up going to depends largely on where they are ranked in the polls. The only thing the Broncos can do is win. As for the rest, they must depend on strategic wins and losses of other teams.

Therefore, it is good to take a look at games that can impact the Broncos’ postseason bowl prospects.

Last Week’s Picks

Well, shut my mouth. Or in my case, well, smash my fingers. I called for so many upsets last week that I had to at least get one right. And I did—just one.

I was way off on nearly all of them. However, Baylor nearly upset Oklahoma and Iowa State did take care of Texas as predicted.

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Let’s Move On

This week there appears to be just as many possibilities for upsets as last week. It is the time of the season when some teams are becoming complacent while others are hungry. The results are upsets or scares.

Here we go.


Illinois travels to Iowa.

An Illinois win over Iowa will place the Hawkeyes behind the Broncos in the rankings.

It’s tough to beat the Hawkeyes at home. This is a hope and not a pick but go Illini!

Memphis(18)/South Florida

Last week South Florida came within a whisker of upsetting Cincinnati but didn’t.

This week they go all the way and upset Memphis.

A So Flo upset of Memphis has huge implications in the rankings. If it happens the Broncos move around and up.


Temple upset Cincinnati last year and this year, thus far, Memphis. They are spoilers when it comes to ranked teams.

It would not be a surprise to see the Owls defeat the Bearcats.

A Cincy loss helps Boise.


Baylor is the odds on favorite to win this match-up. Although it could be close.

No upset here. Baylor beats Texas.

However, there is a remote chance of an overwhelming Boise State win this weekend and a devastating Baylor loss that might leapfrog the Broncos over the Bears.


The Wolverines will be hosted by the Hoosiers in Bloomington. Normally this is not much of a game; the Maze and Blue show up and the Hoosiers lay down.

Indiana has a legitimate team this year. Last week they nearly pulled off an upset against Penn State.

Do they have enough gas left in their tanks to beat Michigan? Michigan is looking ahead to their rival home game the next week against Ohio State.

Look for the Hoosiers to send the ‘olverines home to Ann Arbor without their W.

Boston College/Notre Dame(16)

If Notre Dame loses to BC the Irish will drop into the 20s in the polls.

The game is in South Bend. That means the Irish have a home-field advantage. I’m a skeptic of the home field advantage theory. Everything that is supposed to be a home-field advantage is additional motivation for the visiting team.

That said, the Eagles haven’t the juice to beat Notre Dame. Although a BC win helps the Broncos, no upset here.

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To Conclude

Here are the predicted upsets that benefit the Broncos; South Florida, Temple, and Indiana, Texas.

Here are some upsets I don’t think will happen but will help the Broncos if they occur; Illinois, and Boston College.

And of course, this is all with the proviso the Broncos defeat Utah State.


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