History shows as the Quarterback goes, so will Boise State in 2015

The No.1 question heading into Fall Camp, who will be Boise State’s next quarterback? The favorite to take over the reigns is red-shirt sophomore Ryan Finley. The lone quarterback last season that has had any sort of valuable playing time. Early last season, many were wanting Coach Harsin to make the transition from Grant Hedrick to Finley. We all know how that ended.

But a short run-in with the law has some Bronco fans leaning towards true freshman Brett Rypien, as if they weren’t leaning in that direction already. Biting at the heels of those two are red-shirt freshman Alex Ogle and JC transfer Thomas Stuart. All have impressed the coaching staff during Spring Ball.

We know that any team that has poor quarterback play will not go far, as for the Broncos, it is no different.

History shows that when Boise State has solid quarterback play, the 10+ wins usually follow. In the last 44 years, the Broncos have had 21, 10+ win seasons. Almost one 10 win season every other year. Not bad for the ‘little school in Idaho.’

Dating back to 2002, there has been a plethora of 10+ win seasons, and among those seasons had something in common. Great quarterback play.

Boise State has had some effective quarterbacks come along the way that have fit the Bronco mold. Ryan Dinwiddie, Jared Zabransky, Taylor Tharp, Kellen Moore, Joe Southwick and Grant Hedrick. Quarterback play that wasn’t just average, but a continual tradition of excellence at the position.

10+ Win Seasons - Boise State QB's
Only two seasons since 2002 where the Broncos didn’t reach the 10+win plateau, 2005 and 2013. Zabranksky, Southwick, Hedrick combined for 46 TDs, 26 INTs, 67 completion percentage.


A tradition in the film room, precision, leadership, preparation and the competitive nature that position brings to the Bronco football program.

It’s big shoes to fill at the quarterback position at Boise State.

And it comes with major responsibility to uphold the winning tradition. Finley, Rypien, Ogle, Stuart all have a chance to engrave their name into Bronco history.

There’s a time for social life, to be a college student, enjoy the campus life. Will this quarterback crew do what’s necessary, and sacrifice other activities to be an elite quarterback? It’s been happening so far.

One thing about the City of Boise and the Boise State fan base, is unlike most programs across the country, the expectations for the quarterback position don’t change from season to season. The Treasure Valley expects excellence.

Yet no one has higher expectations for the quarterback position than Bryan Harsin and his coaching staff.

Boise State quarterbacks have to produce. It’s the expectation, a standard that are not held by many communities or programs.

That’s the difference between the good programs and the great programs. As the quarterback goes, so will Boise State in 2015.


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