Jabril Frazier and Curtis Weaver: A Prehistoric Duo

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The Habits of the Beast

For junior Stud end Jabril Frazier and freshman Stud end Curtis Weaver, it’s all about energy!

Last week, in preparation for the Wyoming game, Frazier told the Idaho Press about their “Cheetah package.” He said, “Our cheetah package is going out there and attacking the quarterback.”

In the games against both San Diego State and Wyoming, that’s exactly what they did. The two created havoc for both of those opposing quarterbacks. Frazier and Weaver, alone, accounted for 6 sacks in each of those games.

Frazier had 2.0 sacks against SDSU and 1.0 vs. Wyoming. 

Weaver had 1.0  sacks against SDSU and 2.0 vs. Wyoming.

Coach Harsin said it best in his recent post-game interview. While referencing the pressure of the Bronco defensive line, Harsin said, ” It’s kind of like a Velociraptor, one guy’s coming over here and they’re looking at him, and you got Jabril coming from the other side.”

Skip to 13:00 to see coach Harsin talking about it. Video via Boise State Football Facebook page.

Velociraptors are known for a few things: speed, intelligence, and striking from multiple angles.

LiveScience.com suggests the prehistoric animal as the “speedy thief.” In the past two games, that’s exactly what Frazier and Weaver have been: “speedy thieves” attacking the quarterback from multiple angles.

As the Broncos venture past the halfway point, and into hostile territory, they will need to rely on the continuous pressure from both Frazier and Weaver.


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