Joseph Inda discusses commitment to The Blue

Bryan Harsin and the Boise State football program added to their linebacker corps on Saturday when Golden West College (Huntington Beach, CA) linebacker Joseph Inda pledged his talents to The Blue.

I called Inda on Sunday morning to give him the opportunity to dish to Bronco Nation about his commitment to their beloved program.

“It feels great.” he said. “I had a long road so it feels good to now commit to a great team, especially a team that revolves around family and that’s what it’s about for me. It feels great.”

Inda said the first call he made after committing was to his mother, before breaking his big news to his dad and brother. “They’ve been with me the whole way, I called them each individually and told them the good news.”

Family is huge to Boise State’s newest pledge and the tight-knit culture of the Boise State football program is what he’s most looking forward to.

“Coach Avalos and Harsin were once Broncos and they’re now back, they shared their stories with me… and the impact it’s had on them. I can’t wait to be a part of that.”

“One thing Harsin and I spoke about was obviously winning the Mountain West Championship.” Inda said. “That’s obviously #1 on our minds, and winning a bowl game. The Mountain West Championship could obviously be ours this year and definitely a bowl game as well… I’m all about winning and all about getting the job done, that would definitely be the expectations this year going in, that’s definitely doable for us.”

As far as his individual goals are concerned, the JUCO-product told me he just wants to develop as a player, person and student, “that’s the goal. If I could get first-team all-conference and All-American that’s obviously ideal…”

That’s the thing about me committing to Boise State… being the best I can be in all aspect of life.”

Inda feels he will bring physicality and leadership to the Boise State defense, “I think that’s what I’m going to bring in for sure, I’m going to lead my team (through) hard work and preparation and leading by example.

I want to be a guy that everybody can count on… I’m all about instincts… if you have a solid middle linebacker on the inside your defense is capable of anything.”

Boise State stood out to the California-linebacker because of it’s winning tradition. He also loved “how the coaches interacted with the players, how the players interacted with each other… (and) the family culture (of the program)…

I definitely felt that bond even only being there for two days… the daily aspect and the culture they have at Boise State ultimately led to my commitment to the team (on Saturday).”

Inda has an excellent relationship with Harsin who he talked with on the phone for the first time last week.

“I told him everything I’ve been through and he told me what he expects… we were in his office talking about the Boise State tradition and (those expectations)… I’ve told him more about myself than I have people that are (really) close to me, I’ve (discussed) my past with him more… It means everything, being able to trust your Head Coach and buying into the system… That’s an important bond, with the Head Coach… I trust him with my future… I’m ready to sacrifice for him and I haven’t played a down for him… It says a lot (about what he and Boise State have to offer).”

Inda appreciates his relationship with Boise State Defensive Coordinator Andy Avalos as well. “I spoke to him before. He played linebacker for Boise State back in the day… I talked to him the most this trip.” Inda added that Avalos told him that if it wasn’t for Boise State the former Bronco-linebacker wouldn’t be where he is right now. “With where I want to go and where I’m headed (that was definitely big to me). For me coming from high school and going the JUCO route was rough, now completing my degree at Boise State and playing football… I’ll be able to use my degree toward my future and the next years of my life.”

Inda added that he would be studying finance during his time in the Treasure Valley.

“My mom owns her own business, in medical billing, I want to go into that, the more financial aspect it. The business is called EPIX Medical Billing, she stared this business when I was born 21 years ago…. she went a different path and started this new business up again probably two months ago, her and my brother are going through that whole process right now.”

Family is very-important to Inda who has two older brothers; 27 and 24 and a little sister. “We’re pretty close, I go to (my brothers) for their advice, so they’re pretty much just here whenever I need them and I’m there for them whenever they need me as well.”

“They loved it, I told them about my visit… they have always believed in me and believe I can get to this level… Harsin will be calling (my parents) on Monday (Today)… which goes a long way, they already support me as is, that just solidifies what just happened this weekend regarding my commitment to Boise State.”

Inda had one final thing to say to Bronco Nation before we got off the phone:

I’m coming in to make an impact right away, I really believe we can win a Mountain West championship this year and win a bowl game, it’s not just me talking, it’s what I believe in… I’m 21 years of age, it took a lot to get here… I appreciate (the fans) hospitality already…

He also wanted Bronco Nation to know how grateful he was for how much support he’s received on social media.


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