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Just Another Contented Monday; Good Guys Win

A 52 to 42 win over San Jose State is nothing to sniff at. It’s a win. Of course, giving up 42 points is not good. And it will have to be corrected. (I guess not a completely contended Monday, but it will do.)

Trouble With Teams Who Love To Pass

The Broncos’ strategy of blitzing on nearly every play may have been the game-changer. However, Spartan QB Josh Love had his best passing night of the year, 438 yards.

It seems as if the Spartans found the weak link and continually exploited it; Boise State’s inability to prevent the opposing receivers from making impossible catches. Those guys could catch Ninja stars with their teeth.

Avery Williams lights up the place on punt returns but could use a little free safety help or anther 6 inches in height.

Given a third-stringer gave the Bronco secondary fits two weeks ago some serious soul-searching is in order. Who knows what the outcome could have been if Love had more time.

The Broncos had only one sack but totaled 7 quarterback hurries.

In three weeks the Broncos face another Love—Jordan Love of Utah State.

Hammerin’ Hank

Hank Bachmeier has the heart of a lion. He gives it everything he has. He’s not afraid to crash into a brick wall. Late in the third quarter, he smashed into a Spartan defender rather than slide. On another play, he tried leaping into the end zone.

Years ago I heard a story about former Hall of Fame Quarterback Johnny Unitas. A lineman said Unitas took a forearm to the face. Unitas’ lip spurted blood. In the huddle, Johnny U bent down, grabbed some mud from the ground, and packed it on his lip to stop the bleeding. The lineman said to Johnny, “You got to come out.” Johnny called the next play. The lineman added, “You block for a guy like that.”

When Hank tucks and runs all he thinks about is getting another yard, no matter the cost.

This is not to take anything from Chase Cord. He’s cut from the same cloth. When Cord sprinted for a TD Saturday night, nothing was going to stop him.

Communicable Diseases

That sort of tenacity and fury is infectious.

George Holani and Andrew VanBuren are feeling the passion also. Thus, they combined for 211 yards and 5 rushing touchdowns.

Also, that’s an indication of a well-executed game plan. Likely Bryan Harsin and Zak Hill did not want their freshman quarterback tossing balls into the end zone against a team that is near the top in the nation in interceptions.

The O-Line Will Do Fine

The offensive line has been taking a lot of heat. Six rushing TDs! Yeah, I know, it’s against a not so good rushing defense team but if the defense could have gotten the offense the ball more; 8 or 9 rushing TDs?

Running backs are not just guys who can run fast through big holes.

Sometimes the difference between a good running play and otherwise is the ability of the runner to avoid the first tackle or run through it. That means trusting that after you get beyond the first tackler your blockers have a crack in the door you can squeeze through.

We’ve all seen running backs hit a brick wall and get nailed to the ground. Some say the o-line got stood up. A couple plays later that same running back sees the line is held up and bounces to the outside for a TD. Then they will say that the o-line held those blocks long enough to make that play happen.

A Good Sleep

They say the best pillow is a good conscience and a win.

When I went to bed Saturday night my wife asked who won?

“Good guys 52 the other guys 42.”

“I told you they’d pull through,” she said.

Not only did we all get another hour’s sleep this past Saturday night but it was a sweet sleep. I dreamed of an old septuagenarian man leading cheers at a football game. He reminded me of the scary troll from the fairy tale told to me as a kid, Three Billie Goats Gruff. Wait a minute, that wasn’t a dream—that really happened.


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