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Just Another Ludic Monday


Everyone hopes Hank Bachmeier’s injury is far less than what might be imagined. His collapse on the sidelines after leaving the field Saturday night gave everyone pause for concern. However, walking around on the sidelines in the second half perhaps allays the worst fears.

The extent of the injury is not fully known. Word has it, it is a hip pointer. Head coach Bryan Harsin’s practice is to seldom comment about injuries unless season-ending.

At this point, Bachmeier is questionable for next week’s game against BYU.

“Surprise Surprise Surprise!”

Said with a Gomer Pyle voice.

Many were expecting a much closer game. Some indicated they would not be surprised if there was an upset. The real surprise was the ease in which Boise scored against the Rainbow Warriors.

It seemed to be an interesting game plan, whether designed or by circumstance. No less than six players took offensive snaps from center.

Chase In Case

Quarterback Chase Cord who replaced Bachmeier looked like a starter as did Jaylon Henderson. They both displayed a command of the offense and threw some impressive passes.

In fact, this may be Cord’s opportunity to prove he can run the offense with more efficiency than Bachmeier. Healthy competition is good for both players and the team. Everybody gets better.

Run Game?

The running game appeared adequate.

Robert Mahone does not run with the same authority he did against Florida State. In that game, he had 24 rushes for 142 yards. In the second half, he appeared completely drained. It may be possible he is not the type of runner to handle the ball more than a dozen or so tries per game.

Those know-it-all empty-headed talking suits in the press box kept saying Robert Mahone has a ball control problem. What are they talking about? He’s had one fumble—likely one Boise’s most reliable running backs given the number of times he’s handled the ball. Okay, they made a mistake, yet no one corrected them, thus the false narrative is allowed to spread.

Other talking suits hear that and think it’s gospel. That becomes his reputation with nothing to support it. Next thing you know he doesn’t get drafted or invited for a pro tryout and he can’t ever find a job at Costco because he has a reputation of dropping things.

Those two numb skulls who made up that story should sit out two seasons listening to the play by play games of Beth Mowins. That’s 10 times worse than you know what.

George Holani is an outright torpedo when the goal line is a leap and a stretch away. He scored two TDs that seemed as if he might come up short and opt to go out of bounds.

The D

The Bronco defense nearly reduced the Hawaii passing attack to a mere shadow of their previous performances. The defense kept gunslinger Cole McDonald far below his season average.

Although never sacked, McDonald’s timing was often interrupted. He had to hurry many of his throws. He could smell onions and pepperoni on Curtis Weaver’s breath. (Come to think of it, so could I; or was that my dog?)

Except for a couple of mental errors, the secondary coverage was white on rice all night long.

So how did they come up with 37 points? If you put the ball in the hands of a run and shoot offense they will score. The more times you score that puts the ball back in the hands of your opponent. Believe me, if the Broncos would have run a completely time-consuming four yards and a cloud crumb rubber, the score would have likely been 31 to 10.

When a team recruits racehorse receivers and Howitzer armed quarterbacks you don’t ask the horses to graze in the pasture and not allow the artillery to soften the enemy. Horses gotta run and artillery gotta go boom!

It was a little disappointing the Broncos did not record a few sacks. However, Hawaii’s entire structure is based on not allowing sacks, whether that means good blocking or throwing before the play develops.

Frankly, Hawaii’s fourth-quarter 16 points was a gift by means of Waste Management.

Next, BYU At Provo

Strange things happen in Provo; some of them even at LaVell Edwards Stadium. The Cougars only impressive win was over, then 23rd ranked, USC in Provo.

This is a big game for BYU. It is none conference for the Broncos. However, the playoff implications are on the line. Boise State must play all games like it’s for a conference championship if they want to advance or remain where they rest in the polling.


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