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Just Another Manic Monday(Tuesday)

My jitters have subsided.

That said, enough can not be said about kicker, Eric Sachse—5 field goals, 3 extra points. While the cameras rested their attention on freshman quarterback Hank Bachmeier and his mom it was Sachse who finished off the drives that died in or near the red zone.

Sachse appeared poised. His kicks were straight as if guided by a laser or an angel’s breath. And beautifully end over end, not those knuckleballs. Thus, Harsin may feel comfortable putting the season on the line with Sachse’s accurate instep.

Back To Bach

It looks as if any questions about Hank Bachmeier’s ability to command a successful D1 offense have been put to rest. He went 31 for 52 and 407 yards.

His performance far exceeded Kellen Moore’s first start and even Brett Rypien’s as freshmen.

In addition, running back Robert Mahone came of age.

Huff And Puff And Blow Your Own House Down

Even though the halftime score looked as if the Seminoles were having their way with the Broncos, it didn’t seem as if they (the Broncos) were being pushed around. There were no punishing sustained drives against the Bronco defense.

Actually when the fourth quarter rolled around the Noles defense was huffing and puffing like an asthmatic in a smoke-filled pool hall. In the meantime, the Broncos appeared energetic.

“How Much Bacon With Those Eggs?” “I’ll Take Three”

It seems as if this year is the first year in over a decade the Broncos have had more than one running back who can bring home the bacon.

What happened to running back Robert Mahone in the offseason? He’s all growed up. He ran for 142 yards on 24 carries. Not only that but he was dangerous coming out of the backfield and into the flats. Also, he laid a couple of nice licks on blitzin’ linebackers.

Also, George Holani looked as if he could start if the need arose. It also looks as if Harsin and Hill have a lot of confidence in him as a receiver.

In addition, Andrew Van Buran played well but a fumble blemished an otherwise good game. He’s going to have some 100-yard games this season.

Just Whine, No Cheese, Please

It became clear from the get-go that the ESPNN announcers had prepared for a Florida Seminole return to glory. And they were there to chronicle it (strong sarcasm). (This paragraph is a strong example of my-team-gets-no-respect whining.)

Maybe it’s just me and it usually is but I don’t like the cameras on moms, dads, wives, cousins, girlfriends, or former neighbors as a part of the telecast. Moments of joy are indeed heartwarming but who likes to see a loved one’s hopes dashed when failure occurs?


Let’s put this game and this win in perspective. In the last five years, Florida State has had some of the best recruiting classes in the nation. Boise beat some of the best.

The following are the recruiting rankings according to 247.

Florida State
Year  Natl Rk  ACC Rk
2019  19           2
2018  11           3
2017  6            1
2016  3            1
2015  3            1

Boise State
Year  Natl Rk  MW R
2019  50          1
2018  57          1
2017  64          1
2016  68         1
2015  57          1

This win was big!

No Mulligans

Back in 2009 Boise State hosted Oregon for the opener. Oregon was ranked 16th and the Broncos hung a 19 to 8 whoppin’ on ’em.

As Oregon’s season progressed they rose to 8th. They looked very good. A commentator remarked during that rise, “I bet Chip Kelly would like to have that Boise State game back.”

In football, there are no Mulligans or do-overs. You have four quarters to prove your worth and that’s it. The point being made is that sometime during this season someone will say, ‘I bet Willie Taggart and Florida State would like to have that Boise State game back.’

Embrace The Moment–Moment’s Over

In conclusion, another great BSU victory against a P5 school. However, if not for Eric Sachse many might be saying ‘Harsin should have started Cord.’

In the future, Hank will have some bad games. It’s the nature of a young QB. He may even have to sit the bench for a while and reassess things. And that’s not a bad thing.

But for now, embrace the moment.

Now get back to work.


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