Just Another Organic Monday

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They say that organic is better for you but it doesn’t look as good. The taste is better, however, you have to get used to the way things are supposed to taste (full of flavor). There is nothing like hardy tasteless GMO foods (sarcasm). 

Boise State’s Saturday night 45 to 10 victory over Portland State seemed like an all-organic meal. It was good but didn’t have that GMO appearance.

However, no one knows the game better than the players and coaches. Thus, it is best to leave it to them to assess the game properly.

Three More Ways To Look At It

The running game did not dominate as it did with Florida State. Although the passing game was more than adequate there seemed to be a couple of drops on easy tosses. Only one or two can spoil an entire offensive performance. Actually, Hank Bachmeier turned in another good performance.

The game reminded me of a jockey yelling at his horse, yet tugging at the reins. Or a boxer throwing only knockout punches instead of jabs that leads to the hay-maker. If that doesn’t explain it, how about a comedian who prepared a bunch of ethnic jokes only to find out he was scheduled to entertain the folks of the Anti Defamation League. (Pick any one of the three.)

Maybe Plan A Is Plan B?

Chase Cord ran the offense well. He looked like a starter. Nothing wrong with two chiefs.

Frankly Cord looked a bit more poised in the pocket than Bachmeier. Maybe the Broncos were playing plan B all along.

Frankly, Bachmeier is taking too many hits. If a boxer, he’s finished somewhere in the middle rounds.

It’s too easy to blame the hits on the offensive line. Some hits are unavoidable.

Hank has trouble finding that sweet spot in the pocket and holds on to the ball a count too long. On the other hand, Chase knows where the pocket is strongest and releases well before the blitz arrives.

The reality is that Hank took snaps while Portland State was still locked and loaded. Chase came in when the Vikings’ powder was less than dry. And not to be dismissed, Portland State is a Big Sky Conference Team.

D Is Demonstrative

It seems as if it takes the defense a half to dial in. However, I wouldn’t exactly say allowing a TD and field goal in the first half is being dialed out.

The TD by Portland State was as well-executed at it gets. Their guy put a good move on our guy—end of story. It almost looked to me as if we had only 10 guys on the field on that play.

Hope It’s Not A Freaky Friday

This coming Friday is the conference opener with Air Force. As in the past, they will test a team’s skills, determination, emotions, and intelligence like no other.

The Broncos must run smoothly on all cylinders. Holding back on Air Force can put a team 3 scores down before sundown (7:46 PM).


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