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Just Another Static Monday—Part Two

Bye-Bye To The Bye Week—I’ll Buy That

This past week was a bye week. I sat on my hands but my mind was at work.

I’m really not sure anybody likes them. It’s difficult to reason why they exist. By the way, who said there has to be one?

Players and coaches don’t particularly like them. It interrupts their routine. Teams coming off a bye week are at a disadvantage playing teams who are not.

Some may think it gives players time to heal. If that were the case, why not a bye week for everybody at the same time? The middle of the season would be good. That way no one has an advantage.

Anyway, I’m all for trashing the bye week.

My Bye Week

So what I did with my bye week is to figure out how the football season could be fair and efficient.

1. First off, have a 12 game season—12 straight weeks.

2. When that’s over, week 13 is Conference title week. There are 10 D1 conferences, thus 10 title games. In addition, there is a second conference game played the same week. It is for second-place finishers in each conference division—another 10 games.

3. Next, week 14 is for a national tournament of 16 teams. It will include the ten winners of their conferences. The remaining 6 will be chosen from the winners of the second conference game.

4. Thus the following, week 15 is for the 8 winning teams from the previous week—four games.

5. Now we’re set for week 16, the semifinals. That will be four teams 2 games.

6. Week 17 is the bye week.

7. Finally, week 18 is the championship. Broncos win. Season over.

What about independents? Join a conference or sit on your hands.

Anyway, that’s my static Monday after a bye week. I figured out how to eliminate the bye week, choose who will be in postseason play and who the undisputed national champ will be.

Give me another and I’ll give you world peace—here’s a hint, just everybody stays home.


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