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Just Another Tragic Monday

Time To Reflect

It was hoped when the season started every Monday might be a “manic” Monday. Today is a tragic Monday. Broncos lost to the Cougs at Provo 28 – 25.

This series of articles are written about a day after the game for a better thought and perspective. Often when writing immediately about an event, emotions carry one’s thoughts far from reality. Bear in mind, I’m not a film room junkie, just a fan.

A Tip Of The Hat

First off, there is no doubt BYU played as a team. Starting a third-stringer at quarterback and missing starters at key positions is hard to overcome–but they did it.

The Cougs Achilles tendon is defending against the run game. That did not appear to be the case in Provo. Although George Holani had a good night, there were no crushing runs sprinting into the endzone.

Missing Links

Running back Robert Mahone left the game in the first half. He was seen on the sidelines during the second half in street clothes. Frankly, Mahone has not looked as good as he did against Florida State. Likely a hampering injury has been nagging him. Let’s hope Mahoney can get back to delivering the baloney, soon.

It pains to even suggest this because it might be too early to tell. It appears as if there is no quarterback controversy. Hank Bachmeier is the man. You want them all to succeed when called upon.

Chase Cord tossed two interceptions. Bronco receivers had no chance of catching them. To Chase’s defense, a few balls that should have been receptions, bounding off open hands.

BYU found a way to overcome their lack of links; Boise did not.

The Legend Of Sleepy Safeties

The defense got caught sleeping. BYU scored two TDs on well designed and unexpected plays.

BYU used the Broncos’ aggressive style of defense against them—that means good coaching and execution.

BYU exploited Boise’s free safety big time. Nobody should get behind the safety. Especially a tight end who can’t run a 40 in less than 5.

There’s A Time To Heal

The Broncos have a bye week. They will lick their wounds. The locker room, film room, and practice facility would not be a good place to be for the next two weeks.

In fact, I would not want to be in the coaches’ meetings either.

The Broncos were not ready for BYU.

Away game, homecoming, hostile crowd, bad weather, the dog ate my homework, the Russians interfered are all excuses for lack of preparation. This is not to suggest the Broncos are making any excuses. It’s just that some days you miss the bus because YOU didn’t set the alarm. The fuse didn’t blow. Mice didn’t gnaw through the cord to your clock. There was no storm knocking out the electricity. YOU simply hit the snooze button too many times.


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