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Just Another … Tuesday

Beating the spread is a Las Vegas thing. It’s nice to win by a comfortable margin but a win is all a team should want to achieve.

Boise State’s 38 to 13 win over UNLV, some expected more. On paper, it looked as if it could have been a much wider margin. However, it was convincing.

The Most Important Stat Is A “W”

Hank Bachmeier finished the night 19 for 30 for 299 yards. Add to that two TD passes with no interceptions. He was not sacked.

George Holani ran for 80 yards on 9 carries. Unless there is a second half of the season surge the Broncos might well complete the season without a 1,000 yard running back.

Producing players with good stats is not a team goal—it is winning. Stats take care of themselves.

Styles Are Always Changing

Remember those old company photos, guys showed up at a business meeting with leisure suits, bell-bottoms, and bushy sideburns? At the same meeting, some showed up in business suits and fresh haircuts. The business suit and fresh haircut are still in style and the other stuff is blotted out with a black magic marker.

Boise fans want the Broncos as high in the rankings as possible. The argument could be made that so-called “style points” are needed. That may make sense to the casual fan but it should not to the pollster.

There may exist a certain logic to that; two teams vying for a playoff position to be determined by a committee. Naturally, the playoff spot should go the team with the most impressive win if all other things appear equal.

The Broncos and the season end is too far off for “style point” wins to be considered.

As explained in a previous article there are at least 14 teams ranked ahead of Boise. “Style points” mean nothing at this point.

Most importantly a team must win and at the same time keep everybody healthy. With a three TD lead and ten minutes remaining, why risk an injury to a starter to win by a bunch? Why ever risk injury to a backup who may be needed down the stretch?

Sometimes the mark of a good team is to take the lead and maintain it.


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