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Just How Gritty Is This Boise State Team?

Last week, the Broncos lost a non-conference game in which they were leading by a substantial margin in the fourth quarter.

The way a team responds from the adversity of a tough loss is two-fold:

The first part consists of attitude. The overall attitude of the team will act as the driver seat for confidence and courage.

The second part is the physicality of the matter.  When all is said and done, the physical play of the players is what defines the game. One can talk the talk, but they must walk the walk as well.


Some say the key to success is attitude.

It’s very easy to keep a positive mind when things are running smoothly. However, though it is much more difficult to keep a positive attitude during adversity, it is vital.

While maintaining a positive attitude, the Broncos most also show their true grit.

The bases of grit or being gritty is courage and resolve.

Past Boise State teams have shown their poise, courage, and warrior-like mentality both in the good and circumstantial times.

However, the team has struggled a little in the idea of “resolving” issues.

The past two seasons, the Boise State football team has lost back to back games. The last time this happened was in 2007 when the Broncos lost their last game of the year to Hawaii and their bowl game in the same stadium.

No matter the past, the current Boise State roster boasts many new faces who are already making a big impact.

For the Broncos, their team looks a little younger than past seasons. At least 12 different Bronco starters were not in starting positions this time last year.

With that being said, this new chapter for the Broncos includes both a fresh season and young athletes.

The game against the Lobos will feature a Bronco team showing its true colors. In order to win, the Broncos must shake it off and resolve any team-related issues

With a positive attitude, the Broncos have achieved half of the “response” equation.

Physical Presence

Since Bryan Harsin took over the head coaching position in 2014, he has emphasized the importance of the blue collar mentality.

Even the new uniform design, for all three combinations, has a blue collar on it.

All Harsin has done is take words that are preached to the team over and over again and put a physical symbol around their neck. With that symbol, the team has a constant reminder of what they and their program is all about.

The Broncos now have the opportunity of proving their grit and perseverance as quick as they possibly could.

The turn around for the team is about 4.75 days. Their schedule time makes them the first game of the college football week.

No matter the schedule, Harsin and his team understand that come game day, it’s business as usual.

Once the psychical preparation is at its peak, it’s up for the boys in orange to accept the opportunity.

As preparation meets opportunity defines the role of success, so does a positive attitude.

The Broncos will need all of these ingredients if they look to beat a Lobo team that has rushed for over 1,000 yards in the pat three meetings.

If the boys in orange can take care of business in the proper fashion, then and only then will Bronco Nation experience the team’s true grit.


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