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Keegan Who? From Where? Sounds Like Another Boise State Success

The Unheard-ofs

Leighton Vander Esh, Matt Paradis, Shea McClellin—and now Keegan Duncan. There is every reason to believe Keegan Duncan may be the next Idaho unheard-of to make a name for himself on The Blue?

Keegan is a product of Declo, Idaho, a town of 400 in southern Idaho. That sets the stage for an oft-told tale from Boise State; a small town football player, overlooked by larger programs, lightly recruited, shy, unassuming, but a force to be reckoned on the gridiron.

A New McWeapon?

His exploits at Declo High school in southern Idaho are legendary; in football as well as track. He is also decent at basketball.

In track in runs 100 meter, 200, 400, and as well as relays. His personal best in the 100 is 10.79 seconds. He runs the 40 in 4.67 and has a 40 inch vertical.

At 6’3”, 22o pounds, he can be utilized naturally as a strong safety, wide receiver, running back, or in the same way, Jeremy McNichols was used in his freshman year. In other words, McWeapon Version 2019.

Last year as a junior he had 3,795 yards. He rushed for 2,843 and scored 42 TDs. He was also Idaho’s 2A player of the year.

In August camp he sustained an injury. He recovered and is again running over, around, and beyond the competition.

Keegan is a complete competitor on either side of the ball. He is just as skilled and adroit on offense as he is on defense.

As one might imagine, he is hard to catch with a football tucked under his arms. He runs from defenders like they’re in lead shoes. On defense, he finds the runner and wraps him up with crushing tackles. He also seems to know where and when the ball arrives when lofted by the opposing quarterback. He is impressive in the safety position.


As a high school student, Keegan faced some tough decisions. He considered competing at a larger school to gain more attention from larger college programs.

Keegan stated to the, “I considered switching schools to go to a bigger school. I was always told that you’ll never get recruited at a 2A school, but that’s not true. You get one or two coaches’ attention, then you get five or so. They talk, so it’s not like I have to constantly be out there for them to see me.”

That was a good decision.

He committed to the Broncos; that’s another good decision.

Where Will He Fit?

When you’re a round peg and all the holes are round it just comes down to finding the right fit.

Where can Keegan best be used when he shows up on The Blue? He has power, speed, and size. It looks as if he may be just as useful on the defensive side of the ball as the offensive side?

Running backs are seldom too much over six feet tall. That is not to say he might not be used as a running back but given his height and jumping ability he may be best utilized as a receiver.

Also given his size and that of larger opposing receivers he would be a good match-up against them.

Once again, Boise State has looked deep into the character of a player and decided Keegan Duncan is a Boise State type of player. He is the type of quality person upon which the Broncos have built their program and brand.

He’s a good fit.


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