My Road to Boise State | By John Ojukwu

My name is John Ojukwu. I am an offensive lineman for Boise State University. I was born in Atlanta Georgia and lived there until I moved to Boise Idaho in the 4th grade. I lived with my mom and my dad is a surgeon and works in Africa. I have a little brother named Alex and a little sister named Isabella.

I’ve been playing football since 8th grade and once I started playing I knew I was in love with the game. I knew I was a lineman in the beginning when I realized that I was too tall to be a running back and receivers don’t really hit anyone unless they get the ball.

I was always one of the tallest guys on the field and even though I was undersized I still had fun. The idea of playing college football was something I never really thought of until the end of my junior year when one of my teammates went to play for Oregon and I realized how close college was.

From that moment on I had decided that I would do everything I could do to make it. The only problem I faced was weighing 195 and needing to fix that with only 8 months till all the summer football camps.

I planned to gain at least 50 pounds and even though I would still be undersized I felt like 250 would be a reasonable size.

When I first started I would eat 7,000 calories of food and worked out 3-5 times a day. All these workouts were different and that is the main reason I was able to control my body is well despite the massive weight gain.

Everything was going great and was surprised when I found out I had gained 20 pounds the first month that’s when I knew I could get up to 290.

After many months of hard work and mountains of food it was time to see the results. My coach, Bob Clark, was always on the phone with colleges to try to get a meeting with coaches.

After 2 or 3 months I had met a lot of coaches including Coach Caldwell from BSU and had a plan for camps I wanted to attend. Boise state was a program I grew up watching and I always wanted to play there but camp wasn’t one that I didn’t think I was going to attend because I didn’t think they offered in state guys very often. Going to the camp changed my life.

I was actually in McCall the weekend that BSU’s camp was going on and after many calls and messages from Coach Caldwell and my Coach Clark I found a way to come back to Boise.

I was only able to participate in a couple hours of the camp so I was asked to stay afterwards to work with them a little longer. I didn’t really think this meant anything but as we were driving out of the parking lot I got a call telling me I have received a full ride scholarship.

Once it had set in that I had earned Boise State offer after the camp I immediately wanted to commit. I loved the team and the everything about the program but I realized besides the football team I didn’t really know very much about the school. After the camp I was very serious about going there, but I just wanted make sure it was the right fit.

So after a couple more camps, I saw how great the school was. I didn’t commit before the season because I had a plan to graduate and enroll early and once I was sure that was happening I was ready to commit.

I had planned on committing at the Colorado state game but a day before as we were walking to the field where we were playing our senior night I couldn’t wait any longer.

I called Coach Huff and he was with Coach Harsin as I told them that I was committing to Boise State. After my season ended I worked hard to finish up school and ended up graduating 2 days before the first team meeting.

I have been at Boise state for almost a month now and everyday I’m here it gets better and better. I’m very glad I got to stay close to home and that I will be close to my family.

It’s going to be a long journey with lots of hard work and I thank god everyday for providing me with this opportunity. I can’t wait till I will be able to kill it on the blue.

Player Profile

By: Robert Pfeifer

Boise State added some locally-grown talent to their offensive line way back in October when 6-foot-6, 284 lb Boise High School product John Ojukwu pledged his talents to The Blue.

On Wednesday Ojukwu singed on the dotted-line with the Boise State football program.

When Ojukwu committed he told me he felt great knowing he’d get to continue playing football in college, “especially at Boise State.”

The “local”-product has taken quite the round-about journey to “The Blue”, spending the first nine years of his life in Atlanta, Georgia before moving to Nigeria for a year and ultimately landing in Boise. Only having to move a couple streets away “makes the transition into college a lot easier,” he said.

“I love Boise and even though I’m only moving three miles away, I know it will still be a new experience.” -New Boise State Bronco John Ojukwu

Ojukwu has watched Boise State football since he was a kid, “I love the program and also that they are as successful as they are, (it’s) great.”

The 3-star prospect is excited to be coached up by Boise State Head Coach Bryan Harsin and Offensive Line Coach Scott Huff. “I feel that when I’m at BSU and I put in the work, Coach Huff’s coaching will make it so I’m the best athlete I can be.”

“I try to learn from everyone I watch or who teaches me and the littlest details make a huge difference.” Ojukwu says last year he watched Rees Odhiambo a lot. The Boise Brave says he is one of the taller offensive line recruits that he has seen and says that he moves really well for his size.

When Ojukwu gets on campus he says his main focus will be to keep his grades up in the classroom and to “work as hard as (he) can and put 100% effort into everything (he does on the football field).”


About John Ojukwu

Boise State Offensive Lineman #70

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