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Losers For This Week And A Word About Portland State

Last Week—Pretty Good Week.

Oregon beat Nevada (77 – 6) Thus, Oregon moved up only one position.

In addition, USC took care of Stanford in a big way, 45 to 20. In spite of the media’s love affair with USC, they did not move around the Broncos in the polls. The Trojans are 24th.

Next, Maryland completely routed 21st ranked Syracuse. However, it was not expected Maryland to move around Boise in the AP at 21. They are 25th in the Coaches Poll.

But Michigan State did not lose to Central Michigan. Recall, the Spartans are my granddaughter’s team, so, I’m okay with that.

Lastly, Cal beat Washington and I did a little happy dance (admittedly pathetic dancing). The Huskies fell behind the Broncos in the AP but stayed one ahead in the Coaches. (sour grapes alert) I felt bad for Pete but I sure wish we would have had the players he poached way back when.

Who, by losing this week, can help the Broncos in next week’s polls? That may be a challenge. Boise, by beating Portland State, will not impress the polls that much. However, let’s give it a shot.

(It’s import to note the only games picked are those I feel have a chance for an upset.)

Stanford Over UCF

If there exists an opportunity for any non-P5 team playing on New Year’ day it’s UCF or BSU. By chance, if the Knights end the season undefeated and the Broncos also, I’m afraid UCF gets the nod.

If they deserve it, that’s fine.

Nearly everyone has an Uncle Charlie or Aunt Millie retired and living in Florida. So there is this family emotional attachment going on. Polls are skewed by emotions. And when you say you live in Idaho the common response is, “Never met anybody from Idaho. Don’t you guys grow a lot of corn?”

Stanford needs to put away UCF. That will end any silly notion Nick Patti’s former team (UCF) is the premier G5 team. That belongs to Boise and nobody else.

Thus, logic suggests a Stanford upset moves the Broncos around the Knights in the polling.

Iowa State Over Iowa

Iowa sits ahead of Boise State at 19th. This week they play Iowa State.

Iowa State is stinging. They got knocked out of the top 25 by only managing a limp win over Northern Iowa in their opener.

The Cyclones have had a week off to prepare for the Hawkeyes. Let’s hope there is a lot of introspection going on, they find themselves and beat Iowa.

Rooting For The Cougars

Washington State is ahead of Boise in both polls at 20th.

It looks as if the Cougars will win—I guarantee it. (Hint; they’re both cougars.)

Washington State will start losing sometime during the season. They might as well start this Friday night.

A Word About Portland State

I drive around Portland every time we go to Maine. The lobster is much better up the coast. Oh, the other Portland. Good thing the game is in Boise. Otherwise, I’d be on I-80 in the middle of Iowa by now—the other Idaho.

Additionally, Portland is not a state and the Vikings never visited Portland. 

This will likely be one of the very few times the Vikings play in front of a large national audience. And that’s good for them.

How badly Boise beats Portland State depends on how deep in the depth chart the Broncos reach. In the past, head coach, Bryan Harsin has not been one to run up the score.

I’m not for players missing tackles or blocks. Always play your best. However, don’t go for it on a fourth and whatever when the score is 55 to zip.

This game will be all Broncos.

Nobody gets hurt (on either team).

At the presser express what good opponents the Vikings were.

Prepare for Air Force.


About Kenton Lewis

Kenton Lewis
Kenton lives in Boise. He is the former publisher of the Boise State sports site, Smurf Turf; writing exclusively about Broncos football and basketball. He is also a novelist and short story writer.

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