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Monday Morning Coffee Cup Coach; Boise O/C Heading To Zona State

Zak Packed

The past weekend a little dust got kicked up in Bronco Nation. Zak Hill decided to head south. Arizona State hired him to be their offensive coordinator.

Not to worry, Coach Hars has a firm grip on the reins. 

Zak offered to stay for the Washington game. However, head coach Bryan Harsin did the right thing and said thanks but no thanks, Zak. You did a good job for us, now clear out your desk.

You can’t have someone around who is not 100% committed Bronco. That’s the same standard set by Harsin with the team and the coaches are expected to live by the same credo.

Hill coached well while a Bronco and the best to him. Except if in the future he coaches against the Broncos.

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Eric The Next?

The current co-offensive coordinator, Eric Kiesau, is likely to step in without anybody skipping a stride.

Kiesau has been around for a while. He handled OC duties at Fresno State, Kansas, Colorado, and Washington. In addition, he handled a position as an advisor for Alabama’s in one of their championship seasons (2015).

Eric spent a lot of time in quite a few programs. His credentials are as solid as you would want to find in any coach. Thus, it seems he will step into the role of an offensive coordinator without much notice to the players.

Have Coach, Will Travel

Coaches coming and going that’s college football. It is the nature of the beast. Head coaches like Bryan Harsin, have that all built into their human resources calculations.

Recall, Harsin was once the boy-genius OC at Boise who took off for Texas a few years back. Then after a couple of years there, he found a job as head coach at Arkansas State. A year later the BSU job opened up and he was on it like a bloodhound on the scent of an escapee.

Who actually calls the plays against Washington in the Vegas Bowl is not known yet. Likely, no matter who is in the booth overhead, Harsin will heavily influence the final say.

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What If?

Suppose Kiesau is not the man for the OC job at the season’s end? Maybe he really likes what he’s doing or, as in the case of Hill, will entertain a position elsewhere.

Frankly, Harsin is probably way ahead on this one. Coaches change as much and often as Zsa Zsa Gabor changed husbands. He already has a list of prospects.

Here’s a prospect as OC that might be intriguing—Matt Miller. He’s currently in his first year as OC at Montana State. The Bobcats averaged almost 32 points a game.

Also, in the past few years, many hoped Kellen Moore might come back to Boise. Probably that won’t happen. However, one never knows.

Currently, Moore is the OC of the Dallas Cowboys. They are fifth in scoring. Not bad.

He’s currently on a trajectory in professional football to being a head coach before long. Rumors have already swirled the Cowboys’ current head coach Jason Garrett’s days are number and Moore might be next in line.

No matter what the future, Boise State attracts the best coaches who want a solid wrung to step on ascending the ladder of coaching success.


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