Monday Morning Coffee Cup Coach; Broncos Win With No Fan Support (joke)

The Stands

I’ve already watched a couple of crowd-less football games this year so it didn’t seem so weird watching the Broncos on The Blue with no fans in the stands.

What was weird was the announcer saying, “another Broncos’ first down” and nobody there to respond.

The referees appeared disappointed with nobody there to boo their bad calls.

Freshman towel-waving is a thing of the past.

The Game

It is difficult to be a Monday morning coach when there is little to compare with. This was Utah State’s and the Broncos’ only game. However, Monday morning coaches don’t need comparisons, they just pontificate.

The Broncos won handily, 42 – 13.

The Offense

Hank Bachmeier held his own. The offensive line picked up the blitzes and held their blocks longer. Hank has also found a sweet spot in the pocket and finds his receivers quicker.

So far, what I’ve seen of Hank is that he only knows one way to play the game—reckless abandon. If the shortest distance between Hank and the endzone is through a defender, sliding is not an option. (20 for 28 passing, 268 yards, 3 TDs, 0 INTs

Khalil Shakir is a man for all seasons—or this year three/fourths of a season. He’s sort of a combination Austin Pettis and Sean Modster. (7 receptions, 123 yards, 2 Tds, 3 running attempts – 34 yards)

The offensive line looked good.

Anytime a running back racks up a hundred yards, he didn’t do it on his own. They have also done a good job of holding up the defensive line so they stay away from Hank.

George Holani is a ricocheting bullet disguised as a football player. He has an incredible ability to get out of a box using a combination of skill, strength, and cunning. His last name is too close to Houdini to be a coincidence. (14 attempts, 100 yards, 1 TD. 3 receptions, 33 yards)

Running backs can now breathe a sigh of relief. Garrett Curren’s debut as a running back didn’t turn out so well. The Broncos tried a hand-off to an o-lineman. The exchange was good, in fact, it was great. But Curren was quickly brought down.

Curren was overheard saying, “everybody is right, the offensive line doesn’t run block.” (1 attempt -4 yards, but a big smile)

The Defense

All we heard about Utah State’s Jason Shelly is that he came over from the PAC’s version of Utah State to show the back door cousins how to play football.

Shelly was contained and couldn’t find open receivers—because there were NONE!

I thought for a moment the Bronco defense was about to turn the game over to U-State’s running back, Jaylen Warren. However, holes got plugged putting an end to that silly notion.

Utah’s second score came from a freak occurrence. Joel Velasquez’s punt attempt bounced off the back of his up blocker for a minus yardage punt. The Broncos were left to defend the ball from their own 21-yard line.

Next for the Broncos is Air Force.


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