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Monday Morning Coffee Cup Coach

Boise State beat a pretty good football team Saturday night—the Wyoming Cowboys. The Broncos notched their eighth win against one defeat and Wyoming lost their third game against six wins.

It is important to note Boise’s only loss was by three. Likewise, Wyoming’s three losses are by a total of 10. What’s that they say, “except for the grace of God Boise State’s fate could be the same.”

The Offense

Boise State’s first scoring drive was textbook offense—92 yards in 12 plays. There was a mixture of everything; good runs, pinpoint passing, and well-designed sweeps. However, the rest of the night the Cowboys dug in and interrupted the game plan.

The offense was anemic pretty much the rest of the game. Yet, they managed to respond when the occasion arose.

There has been plenty of discussion on the negative side of the offensive line. Indeed, the Broncos faced a team predicated and built on stopping the run. And that they did.

The Cowboys are weak against the pass. So it would seem the Broncos would have a hay day in the air but that was not the case.

The Defense

Wyoming is a run team. They do it as well as anybody. Their running quarterback is out for the season. Thus they started a passer.

That makes it tough to prepare the defense.

The defense did their job. The Pokes managed only 17 points.

Wyoming’s running back, Xazavian Valladay, ran the ball 37 times for 124 yards. That means a little more than 3 yards per attempt. More than a yard below his average.

Curtis Weaver is like a one-man Delta Force. He displays quickness, speed, strength, and tenacity.

Criticism: Broncos need takeaways.

Stats and Sachse

In the statistics department, there is nothing to really talk about. That said, it suffices to say kicker Eric Sachse was perfect—two for two on extra points and two for two in field goals.

His game-winning field goal in overtime was sort of a floater. The snap was not the best, throwing off the timing a bit. However, Sachse is a competitor and like the Broncos found a way to do his job.

Chalk up another victory to Sachse. You may recall he accounted for 18 points against Florida State. He was clearly the difference in that game.

A Great Win

There is a lot of chatter among Bronco fans that the win over Wyoming appears a little hollow. Implying Boise was lucky to win.

True, the game did not possess a lot of excitement. Where is it written teams have to provide excitement while at the same time win the game?

This was a win against a team whose entire season hinges on a win over Boise State. You may recall not so long ago when the Cowboys beat the Broncos in Laramie. The Cowboy fans rushed the field like they won the national championship.

Let’s face it, every team in the Mountain West Conference gears up for one big game a year—Boise State. And if the game is on The Blue it’s like sprinkles on top.

There’s only one stat that counts—the final score. This was a clawing, gritty, smash-mouth dog fight—and the Broncos won—period.


I’m not going to be critical of a winning season. (8 and 1!!!)

Head coach Bryan Harsin’s post-game criticism seemed honest and fair. He solemnly stated the coaches have to work harder to create better opportunities for the Broncos to score. He said that’s how the offense is built.

With that in mind, here’s my criticism. (If you don’t want to hear it just click your mouse and look at your Aunt Betsy’s cat pictures on Facebook.) The Boise/Wyoming game took about 65 minutes in playing time. However, the actual telecast time amounted to around 210 minutes.

Some of the breaks were 7 commercials long. There were enough Butterball Turkey, Taco Bell, and Dos Equis commercials to make you wonder if you should have a traditional Thanksgiving, get Mexican take-out, or just get drunk.

There used to be a time you had to wait until half time to use the restroom. Now there’s enough time in a TV timeout to run out and pick up a pizza and a six-pack of beer.


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